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WBAI LSB approves FY 06 station budget

WBAI's Local Station Board approved a station budget for FY 06 on 8/23/05.

The vote was 7-0. Voting yes were Birden, Brown, Cohen, Heffley, Martin, Reimers, and Rhodes. Abstaining were Borenstein, Kilgour, Laforest, Lederer, Roberts, and Warren.

The approved budget is approximately $350,000 smaller than last years'. In particular, "listener support," i.e., money raised during fund drives, is substantially smaller. A summary of the budget is presented below.

According to the interim GM, Indra Hardat, the new budget calls for staffing cuts of 4 and a half FTEs (full-time equivalent) positions.


LSB member R. Paul Martin on the new budget (8/24/05 from the goodlight board):

The LSB passed a $3,538,840 budget tonight with a projected "Listener Support" line of $2,400,000.

Last year the LSB was never able to pass a damned budget because Don Rojas refused to present one that we could vote for. And then the PNB stepped in and passed a budget which was just stupid and called for $2,765,000 in "listener Support" which we obviously couldn't raise.

This budget is a lot more realistic. We might even be able to live within it.

The budget also asks to be relieved of the Pacifica requirement of a one month reserve for FY06.

At the end of the meeting Bob Lederer gave notice to rescind the motion to pass the budget. He has some amendment that didn't pass that takes out the $25,000 for development and he wants that put towards salaries. He says it's as much as a half time employee gets. Of course Bob Lederer is a half time employee. Gosh, could there be a self-serving element in that amendment?

Anyway, the budget deadline is tomorrow and the next LSB meeting is on September 7. I wonder if the faction currently in charge will try to disrupt the entire Pacifica Foundation's budget process for the sake of one member?


Summary of fiscal year 2006 budget

Category FY 2006
FY 2005
Income - -
Listener Support 2,400,000 2,765,000
Major Donations 300,000 200,000
Matching gifts-Corporate 11,000 11,000
Interest/other 3,000 3,000
Community Event/Roth tix 174,000 185,000
Community Events-Book Fair 50,000 25,000
Com events-LSB fundraising 5,000 25,000
Grant Income 30,000 60,000
Grant Income CSG CPB 489,840 513,336
Web Site Income 75,000 100,000
Folio Income 1,000 1,000
Total Income 3,538,840 3,888,336
- - -
Expense summary - -
Salaries and related 1,331,178 1,533,766
Administrative 929,665 813,602
Programming 220,307 251,708
Community Events 51,600 48,000
Total Operating expenses 2,818,050 2,919,176
- - -
Central Administrative Services 480,000 553,000
- - -
Net excess income 240,790 416,160

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