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Call for input on WBAI General Manager search

Mon., April 29, 6:45pm
General Meeting of Concerned Friends of WBAI
DC 1707, 75 Varick Street, 14th Floor, NYC


Listener Power in Action!

April 29th Meeting of Concerned Friends
Will Elect Our Permanent Member of
"The WBAI Station Manager Search Committee "

Now is your chance to exercise real "listener power" in one of the most important issues of WBAI governance. At next Monday's General Meeting, you -- or the candidate of your choice -- could be elected to fill one of the 16 seats on the Search Committee that will find a new General Manager for WBAI.

Since current station manager Valerie Van Isler has handed in her resignation, the iPNB and LAB have mandated the formation of a Search Committee to find her replacement. The best 2 or 3 candidates will be sent to Pacifica Executive Director, who will then choose from among the "finalists".


There will be 16 members, chosen as follows:

by the iPNB (1 member)
by the LAB (4 members)
by Station Staff & Program Director (5 members)
by Listener Groups such as CF (6 members)

As you can see, listeners represent the largest block. Following are the listener groups who will each choose one member of the Search Committee.

Concerned Friends of WBAI/NYC - 1 person
Concerned Friends of WBAI/Area Groups in combination - 1 person
Pacifica Campaign - 1 person
Committee for Progressive Radio - 1 person
Coalition for a Democratic Pacifica - 1 person
Latino Interests Group - 1 person

This Is the Decision-Making Power
We've Been Fighting for -- Now Let's Use It

Choosing a General manager is one of the most important ways for listeners to share power -- and directly participate in shaping the future of WBAI.

The Search Committee is expected to work intensively over the next several weeks -- discussing job criteria, reading resumes, and interviewing candidates. Since we need a new GM as soon as possible, Committee members will probably work not only at meetings, but also at "between-meetings" homework sessions as well. Therefore any candidate should be ready to devote serious time to this effort.

So come prepared to elect our representative to the GM Search Committee. You can propose your own candidate, or you can be a candidate yourself. Either way, don't miss this historic opportunity to exercise meaningful listener-participation in the governance of our station. NOTE: Because the first meeting of the WBAI GM Search Committee is being held tonight, an interim representative was appointed to attend (so we would not lose our right to be there) and report back to us at our General Meeting on April 29. That interim representative is Silvia Arana; the alternate is Anita Dutt.

Event: General Meeting of Concerned Friends of WBAI

Date: Monday, April 29, 2002

Time: 6:30 PM

City: New York (Manhattan)

Site: 75 Varrick Street (corner of Canal) 14th Floor (District Council 1707, AFSCME)

Trains: A, C, E, 1 or 2 trains to Canal St. Station

# # #

Stephen M. Brown