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Gender make-up of WBAI paid staff


As a follow-up to the WBAI On-Air Gender Study that Janet Coleman and I did on September 1, 2002, here is a breakdown of the WBAI Paid Staff as of 1/21/03:

  • Of full-time staff, 72% are male, 28% are female.
  • Of full-time staff that has direct power over programming decisions, 5 are male, 0 are female.
  • Of part-time, per diem and seasonal staff, 57% are male, 43% are female.
  • Overall, there are 64% male and 36% female paid staff.

I am posting this study to the WBAI management, the IPNB and to the list serves and am asking WBAI and the other Pacifica stations to correct the gender disparity in staffing both off the air and on the air as well as in the management of the Pacifica stations.

Susan Lee [ WBAI unpaid staff ]
January 21, 2003

  Males Females
Full- time
number 13 5
percentage 72% 28%

Part-time, per diem or seasonal
number 12 9
percentage 57% 43%

number 25 14
percentage 64% 36%

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