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WBAI general manager search committee update

Forwarded info.....

From: Aniruddha Das
Subject: WBAI GM search update

Progress report on WBAI GM SEARCH:   June 28, 2002

Please post widely on all relevant lists: NOTE: to get information specifically about the GM search, you may join an e-list and / or read messages on the web at : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ProgressReport or ProgressReport-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

The GM search committee has been meeting weekly since April 24 2002. The composition of the committee, with the affiliations of all the members, is given at the end of this note.

Over the first few weeks we developed a new advertisement for the GM position, with wording that reflected the specific needs of this position at WBAI. We also developed a list of places to post this ad. The list includes mainstream, community and alternate press as well as websites for non-profit groups, etc. (When we started there was already a more generic ad placed by Pacifica in a number of publications)

The new ad and a (partial) list of the posted sites is given at the end of this note. IF YOU HAVE any suggestions about other places to post this ad, please contact Aniruddha Das at Aniruddha.Das@columbia.edu (note the dot between the first & last name in the e-mail address, Aniruddha.Das)

We received an initial batch of 27 resumes in response to our ads. Before looking at any of the resumes we developed a set of criteria to use in reviewing the resumes and ranking each candidate's relevant experience. We reached consensus on using the following criteria:


After we each individually ranked every candidate according to these criteria, we presented our choices of the candidates we rated as "strong enough to merit an interview." By pooling our individual rankings (which were, as it turned out, largely quite similar across the committee) we selected 6 people for the first level of interviews. These are planned as 30-minute telephone (speakerphone) interviews in which 3 or 4 committee members ask the candidate a short set of prepared questions while the other members listen in. The intent of this first level of interviews is to refine our information on the candidates selected. The questions, while differing in detail from candidate to candidate, cover the following common territory for each:
• Further details of the candidates' qualifications (experience with radio and other electronic media, experiences in leadership position in a non-profit, fundraising, working with unions, managerial style etc)
• A detailed sense of the candidates' commitment to progressive politics and to Pacifica's mission.
• The candidates' relation to and interest in WBAI. Of course, the candidates are also encouraged to ask us any questions they may have. The whole committee then discusses each phone interview and decides whether to invite the candidate in for a more extended in-person interview.

Our first phone interview, with the first candidate, was held on Wednesday, June 26. We expect to have the first batch of six first-level interviews completed by July 10th.

In the mean time, we have received a second batch of 14 resumes which we will evaluate in a similar manner. We are still looking actively for possible candidates, so anyone reading this is encouraged to spread the word around. Any candidates interested should send a resume and names of at least 3 references to:

WBAI, Attn: General Manager Search Committee
120 Wall St, 10 floor
New York, NY 10005

Composition of the WBAI GM Search committee:
We arrived at this current composition, i.e. the current numbers of representatives and alternates, after extended discussions regarding equitable representation of the different groups involved. Each representative is a voting member; alternates are full participants in all discussions but may vote only if their corresponding representative is absent.

Current list of     REPRESENTATIVES &       ALTERNATES:
iPNB:               Leslie Cagan;                   ---
LAB                 Panama Alba                 Lee Kronick
                    Gail Golden
                    Marion Borenstein (co-chair)
                    Anthony Mackall (co-chair)
Paid producers      Jose Santiago               Michael G Haskins
                    Indra Hardat
                    Mark Laiosa
Unpaid prod.        Janet Coleman               Susan Lee
                    Aniruddha Das
                    Elombe Brath
Pac. Camp.          Ursula Ruedenberg               ---
CPR                 Bok-Keem Nyerere                ---
Latino Intr Grp     Daniel Vila                     ---
CF-NY               Silvia Arana               Marcia Newfield
CdP-NY              Carolyn Birden             Steve Brown
Area Groups         Fred Nguyen                Ed Lewinson
                    Nick Martielli
Progrm Dir          Bernard White              Shirley Irons

Text of ad placed for the GM search:

Pacifica Radio's WBAI-FM in NY is a non-corporate listener-sponsored radio station with a 40-year history of broadcasting news, public affairs, music and cultural programming from a unique progressive perspective, AND a commitment to maintaining a strong base of community involvement and activism within its listenership. WBAI seeks a visionary general manager who can supervise the overall operation, administration, programming and financial activities of the radio station in keeping with Pacifica's mission of peace and social justice, while working closely with a large and diverse body of paid and unpaid staff and community representatives.

Send resume, cover letter and names of at least 3 references to:

WBAI, Attn: General Manager Search Committee
120 Wall St, 10 floor
New York, NY 10005

WBAI is an equal opportunity employer. Women, minorities and other protected groups and individuals are encouraged to apply.

PARTIAL List of Places for Posting GM Search Ad:

Here is the list of places where ads for the WBAI GM search either have been posted, or are going to be posted. If you have ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS about places to post the ad, please Call / e-mail Aniruddha Das with your suggestion (leave a message if I'm not in) (212 327-7770 / Aniruddha.Das@columbia.edu)

When making suggestions, please consider:
1: Suggesting places that reach audiences not covered already by the places below.
2: Practical issues:
• how expensive will an ad in the suggested place be?
• how soon can the ad come out. e.g. a monthly publication or one with a long lead time is not too useful

Current list:

1: Initially posted:
Amsterdam News
Noticias Del Mundo
China Press Bi-weekly
New York Times
Philadelphia Tribune
Washington, DC Weekly
Bay State Banner (Boston)
El Mundo (Boston)
LA Sentinel Weekly
La Opinion (LA)
Houston Chronicle
Natt. Assoc. of Hispanic Journalists
Current: the Journal of Public Broadcasting
Grass Roots Community Radio.

2: Suggested / posted on later round:
www.idealist.org action without borders
City Limits
Asian American Arts Alliance
Diario Hoy (Spanish Newspaper)
Asian Americans for Equality
Activistas por la Paz (website with job listing)
All Community Radio list serves
Village Voice
All WBAI and Pacifica list serves
Carts to be made and job announced over WBAI (and other Pacifica stations)
All Schools of Journalism
Regular commercial radio stations
Washington Post
LA times
Natl. Assoc. of Black Journalists
Natl. Assoc. of Native American Journalists
Natl. Assoc. of Asian American Journalists
El Diario La Prensa (in NY)
National Federation of Community Broadcasters Newsletter

Aniruddha Das
212 327-7770 (ph) / 327-8240 (fax)
Rockefeller University
1230 York Ave
New York, NY 10021

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