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From meeting of various WBAI area
outreach committees

From:  siddharta5
Date:  Wed Mar 6, 2002  3:13 pm

Date: Saturday March 2, 2002 Location: WBAI Radio, 120 Wall Street,
10th Floor, NYC
Meeting convened at about 10:30 am and ended approx. 2:45 pm,
Moderator: Deena K. Chart/Notes: Fred N.
Attendance: Approx. 35 incl. One iPNB member, 4 WBAI LAB members, 
Station Manager and Station Programs Director, members of Concerned 
Friends, Pacifica Campaign, WBIX, area groups, CPR, radio staff and 
several others with or without an affiliation. 

All notes reflect comments received from the attendance

Introductory comments and issues: 

· Definition of outreach: Outreach is performed by LAB, PNB, Concerned 
Friends (CF), Area Groups, Committee for Progressive Radio (CPR), WBAI 
in Exile (WBIX), WBAI Radio, Pacifica Campaign and other groups.
· Most of the groups are doing some form of outreach but little 
coordination exists
· Are there areas that are not covered?
· Is there a common goal and how can we maximize our effort.
· What is outreach? Why? Who and to whom? How?
· Agenda of meeting to address outreach Goals, Methodology, Metrix, 
Activities, Support/Coordination, Timeline.


· Increase subscription/membership and listenership
· Focus and adhere to what community radio is. It should be reflective 
of population
· Inform about global politics
· Democratize by participation
· Objection made to limiting participation to subscribers only
· Enfranchisement and empowerment of communities
· Get call letters and frequency known to the public
· Issue of big donors vs. small donors
· Make adjustments to programming by getting community feedback
· Strengthening / Preserving the radio station by advising about 
· Prevent future takeovers
· Inform / Educate listeners about community media and role of 
· Need of effective coordination for substantive outreach
· Communities raise / report issues and educate us (the radio 
community). Forums are a tool
· Follow-up: communicate our work, getting feedback, exchanging ideas 
with other signal areas in developing effective outreach concepts
· Short term: informing that WBAI is back. Information forum? 
Documentary on the air? Etc…
· Common thread of outreach effort: REBUILDING COMMUNITY RADIO
· Perhaps a 15-word statement would be useful.


· Reformulate contribution concepts. Access based on financial 
contribution deters from the mission
· What can we do with what we have
· On-air outreach is a strength
· There has been many avenues to bring new ideas. Consensus is needed, 
then concept needs to be formulated
· Methodology has to relate to goals
· Ask community participation and representation, e.g. gays/lesbians, 
labor, immigrants etc…We need to identify these groups and approach 
· Surveys / questionnaires, data collection, Needs Assessment
· Organize public forums
· Live or taped broadcasts from community events/meeting/forums (town 
hall concept)
· Meet with organizations, target especially coalitions and umbrella 
groups for maximum exposure
· Tables and leaflets in neighborhoods
· Other community radios, new media, public access cable, local 
publications, universities and schools
· Develop materials
· Internet
· Print campaign / ads in community media
· Folio
· Guerilla campaign stickers
· Artist gallery at the station with artist exhibits and events
· Community programming
· Link Pacifica / WBAI with global struggles. Get access and network 
with free media movement
· Promote / trade time with other alternative media
· Target constituencies with issues and advertise them. Examine the 
· Use letter inserts in correspondence with subscribers
· Develop entry points for young people (rap music, theater, computer 
· Provide a forum for youth
· Get buy-in from communities so they get involved in outreach
· Coordinate effort
· Cross-links on web sites with other organizations
· Examine older lists to solicit drop-out subscribers about rejoining
· Have our literature reflect the programs which address the targeted 
· Develop community targeting methodology
· Wear badges / display stickers
· Develop subcommittee structure.
· Consider adding outreach duties for the Development Director on the 
staff (e.g. writing to former listener-sponsors). Volunteer can do 
this work since money is so tight


A metrix is a measure of quality and quantity of results achieved by 
an activity / program. It accounts for its success and impact and 
allows for proper redirection of effort. Each activity / program 
should develop an objective metrix into their planning.


This agenda item addresses what is presently done or contemplated as 
an activity

· Fundraising events
· Folio
· Exploratory Committee on Bylaws and Elections
· Membership campaign
· Desire for more diverse programming
· Sell idea of community radio
· Organize forums / develop literature
· Be ready for house calls and any questions that may be asked
· Identify and target future listeners
· Leafleting
* Many on-going university events (Hostos / Hunter / CUNY)
* CWA sending flyers to their members
* Currently leafleting in 7 areas weekly
· Speakers bureau
· Bottom-up approach
· Youth program with high schools and universities. Need advisors
· Children program with stories
· LAB program on the air. Include listeners and programmers /staff to 
focus on outreach programs
· LAB needs to produce monthly program to be aired. On-going interface 
of station / LAB to be improved

· Suburban fundraising parties: Saturday March 30, Long Island, 
Saturday March 23, Victory Dance in New Jersey, many other events 
being planned
· Coordination needed. Pacifica Campaign will not be there
· Suburban Show "Burb Show" is spearheaded by Rockland Friends / 
Weschester Friends. Outlying areas issues and events will get on the 
air perhaps bi-weekly
· Many suburban issues do not get adequately aired e.g. racial attacks 
against immigrant laborers and south Asians / Mid-eastern residents, 
anti-nuclear activism, home-care workers in NJ, artistic events….

· Funding issues are a priority
· Mandate for elections / bylaws
· Urgency of building a membership where little or no progressive 
programming existed
· iPNB is limited by its size, welcomes the development of outreach 
· iPNB meeting in LA will set up bylaws and election committee 
mechanism. National committee with 5 signal area subcommittees. IPNB 
will review drafts. Time is of the essence
· Encourage on-air programs discussing these issues at each radio 
· On air discussions on governance issues
· Programming Council was, at some stations, an interface between 
staff / LAB / Station Mgmt. / Listeners. Station Management included 
the Station Manager, Programs Director, Public Affairs director and 
Arts Director
· National staff is considering a Mission Commission. This is a "blue 
ribbon" initiative where a panel of progressive but non-involved 
personalities will make recommendations on how programs relate to the 
Pacifica mission
· We are encouraged to download the document on listener-sponsored 
radio by Lewis Hill

· Planning to conduct forums to address need to increase membership
· Recruitment of community members by education on role of BAI / 
· Would like to increase participation of oppressed communities in 
decision making

· Tabling
· Internet announcement list
· Encourage internships and training on "doing radio"
· Announcements were placed on citywide Green list serves

CdP-NY / CF Internet Websites
· Wbai.net and wbaiAction.org have current event sections
· Growing number of yahoo list serves (WBAIcoord, WBAIoutreach, 
WBAIaction, WBAIexploratory, WBAIAreaGroups, WBAIelections, lists for 
Rockland, Brooklyn, and New Jersey)

-has sponsored educational forums
-distributes and creates informational literature
-cooperates with outreach re elections issues
-need to: expand activities, support elections issues

· Wants to keep on trucking
· Developed pilot programs for outreach
· Webcasting and taping at community locations, panel discussions 
involving grassroot advocacy groups and artistic communities
· Do promotion of events, calls to media (corporate and alternative)
· Speak about new media concepts through interviews
· Balance fun and serious issues
· Banners
· Record / train community people on how to be journalists / reporters 
/ show hosts
· Establish relationship, do follow up, keep in touch
· Become a community media resource at a day's notice. Be shown as a 
co-sponsor of events. Become known and become "brand"
· Teach alternative and community media concepts ( schools and 
· Now trying to complement the work of WBAI / Pacifica
· Innovate / tally / input and repeat / be comprehensive
· WBIX has a worldwide reputation among progressive groups. Standing 
ovation at committee on colonization / slavery reparation at Durban
· WBIX needs help for their outreach effort. WBAI provides telephone 
lines. Need digital lines for webcasts
· Organized affiliate stations response to takeover
· WBIX has constatnt requests for engagement (environmental, 
universities, international)
· WBIX content is good for grants
· Measure of effectiveness is number of hits
· Gives the communities a sense of their place within larger struggles

· Use of calendars of progressive events (C.R.E.E.D, Yaya)
· 10,000 palm cards ("BAI IS BACK")
· Going to many events but needs more people to attend and distribute 
literature ½ before event
· Hot line 800 # is kept up to date. It is an alternate to BAI# which 
cannot handle the volume of calls. It has 5 mail boxes. The number 
will be given on the air
· Telephone tree
· Video material from teach-ins is available but must be edited. Could 
be used for serial program
· Media: press releases. List of 400 newspapers in 5 boroughs but not 
suburbs! Faxes need to have a follow up call
· Town meetings in the future. Pacifica anniversary on 4/15. 
Pacifica will have a national day
· Folio will be taken care of by station volunteers
· Need to develop a one-page brochure on WBAI / Pacifica to unify our 
· Need to match the speaker with the targeted community 
· Need to maintain on-going relationship with communities
· Outreach structure and coordination is needed
· Mailing lists: need to transfer current names to permanent WBAI 
outreach list
· Develop 10-20-30 second public service announcements (PSA) about 
what's going on
· Need list serve announcement of what's on BAI for the week
· "BAI PROMOTION DAY". Listeners post flyers and drop in mail boxes
· "COMMUNITY ISSUES PROGRAMMING DAY" supported by existing producers
· Use public access cable
· BAI calendar for 2003
· Develop audio-visual device that we have reached our fund -raising / 
membership goal

· Looking for underrepresented sectors. Identify these groups
· Need for mature concepts
· Need to generate enthusiasm in potential listeners
· Radio product is on-air program
· Give-away one-channel radios

· Informational events on elections
· Videos on proportional voting
· Educational conference
· Disseminate information on settlement to programmers
· On-air slot for Pacifica issues (week-end)

For some reason, the Pacifica Campaign had 2 representatives at the 
meeting but was not asked nor did they provide information on their 
past and current outreach and suggestions for the future. We all know 
the enormous work of outreach this organization has provided in the 
past year and apologize for this oversight. We will, naturally, add 
their input at any time they choose to provide it.

· These minutes to be made public
· Next meeting on March 16 at the 75 Varick Street, 14th Floor, NYC 
· Tasks to be done:
 - Call-out days (phone banks?)
 - Coordinate outreach lists to organize as one
 - Develop outreach brochure
 - Contacting drop-out listenership
 - Coordinate media lists
 - Indentify stakeholders, outreach targets
· These meetings to stand for coordination of outreach effort

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