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24 hours of programming for
International Working Women's Day
WBAI 99.5 fm
Friday 3-8-02


12:00 midnight: Chaka Khan: Musical tribute to Pepsi Charles-Andrea Clarke
1:00am Tribute to Pepsi: Words and Music-M. Saidia McLaughlin 2:00am Resistance Poets-Cenen
3:00am Public Affairs
4:00am Public Affairs
5:00am Silkwood: A Radio Drama-Mimi Rosenberg
6:00am Drumming
6:08am Introduction to IWWD
6:15am Tributes to WBAI's Pepsi Riley and Pat Dix
6:30am Women's Rights Organizing in India-Debra Michaud
6:45am Live Shout-outs to women prisoners
7:00am Fannie Lou Hamer-M'zuri
7:15am Morning Magazine
8:50am Update
9:00am Democracy Now!-Amy Goodman
10:00am First World Women
10:20am Women and the Walls: Elaine Bartlett-Karen Lewis, Emily and Sara Kuntsler
11:00am Women in Comics-Mercy Van Vlack
11:20am Non-traditional Work-M. Saidia McLaughlin
11:40am Birth-Peeka Trenkle

12:00 noon: Single Mothers' Rights-Katherine Arnoldi
12:50pm Female Poverty--A day in the life of a public assistance recipient-Holly Horne
1:00pm Healthstyles-Diana Mason
2:00pm Disability Issues (Visual/hearing/mobility/developmental)-Anne Emmerman, Frieda Zames and Debbie Haynes
2:45pm Frida Kahlo-Ginger Otis
3:00pm African and Caribbean women writers-Indra Hardat
3:20pm Caribbean women roundtable-Roberta Kilkenny
4:00pm Byllye Avery-Fran Luck
4:10pm Women Organizing for Women-Fran Luck
4:50pm Young Women Organizing-Rosa Clemente
5:20pm Women in Latin America and the Caribbean-Sally O'Brien, Melissa Mark Viverito, Esperanza "Espy" Martell
6:00pm NEWS: WBAI News Team and Free Speech Radio News
6:50pm On the Floor: Voices of the WNBA and journalists roundtable-M. Saidia McLaughlin
7:20pm Behind the Camera-Prairie Miller
7:40pm Women in Science
8:00pm Arab women-Mona Eldahry
8:30pm Palestinian & Israeli women for peace-Sherry Gorelick
9:00pm Open Phones
10:00pm African Women Roundtable
10:30pm In the Life: Gay Shame-Kris Abrams, Miranda Kennedy and Debra Michaud
11:00pm Wrap-up with call-ins

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