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Wake Up Call and other fired and banned guests return to WBAI in NYC

Tuesday, Jan., 15, 2002
Martin Luther King Jr. birthday

Wake Up Call crew returns to WBAI for MLK day special
wbai 1-15-02 wbai 1-15-02
From Kiel Basy's photo gallery, with help of Chris Z - posted on the Goodlight board

Announcements sent out yesterday:
From: Bob Lederer
Sent: Monday, January 14, 2002 6:29 PM
Subject: Tune in Tues. a.m. to WBAI!

Leslie Cagan just called from the station and asked me to circulate these updates:

Democracy Now was just rebroadcast at 5pm in full - uncensored.

Besides the return of Wake Up Call tomorrow at 6 am (a special extended Martin Luther King birthday special til noon, with Democracy Now! from 9 to 10 am), Kathy Davis and I will return as cohosts of "Health Action" tomorrow from 2pm to 3pm. While change is happening at the station, it may still take a while to get every pre-12/22/00 program back on the air.

Leslie closed with these thoughts, "The transition at WBAI is well underway. We appreciate the continued patience of the station's listeners. In the coming days, you'll hear more of the old familiar voices. Stay tuned."

Bob Lederer

P.S. Reminder: You can listen to WBAI on line at www.2600.com (go to bottom of home page) or www.wbai.org (ditto). [and of course the links page at this site - www.wbai.net]


Earlier post from John Riley, based on quotes from Bernard White, follows.

Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 17:16:25 -0500
From: John Riley
Subject: First of Pacifica Radio's Fired and Banned Staff to Return to Work at New York's WBAI on Martin Luther King's Birthday.

Following more than a year of struggle that included civil disobedience and demonstrations of hundreds of people, fired radio hosts Bernard White and Amy Goodman will return to the air at 6am on Martin Luther King's birthday. White was the first of 37 WBAI's staffers to be fired, banned, suspended or driven out of WBAI, following the December 22, 2000 'Christmas Coup.' Amy Goodman was fired from Wake Up Call, one of the most popular local WBAI shows, in March. Goodman and her "Democracy Now" staff were suspended from national broadcast on the network in August.

"Wake Up Call will be broadcast tomorrow morning", said Bernard White, newly rehired WBAI program director. "The letters are just being tacked up now. We've been meeting with the staff this afternoon regarding the change over, and it has gone over fairly smoothly, with some predictable pockets of resistance. We're going to move forward according to the wishes of the listeners, who rejected the old order and brought about the new." Amy Goodman will return to the air as White as co-host on Wake Up Call. The rest of the fired and banned will be returned to the air as soon as White meets with a staffer to layout the new schedule. Today, January 14, "Democracy Now!" was broadcast on all five stations at its regular times, although in New York the first 10 minutes were pre-empted.

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