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Request to the interim Pacifica national board for a strong elections support resolution

Presented at the iPNB meeting in NYC Sept. 19-21, 2003

[ From Curt Gray - KPFA Local Advisory Board ]

Mandate directing strong Pacifica-wide action in support of Local Board election process on the part of national and station management.

The iPNB directs and mandates the Executive Director of the Pacifica Foundation and the Management of KPFA, KPFK, KPFT, WBAI and WPFW to take all actions and steps necessary to insure that the elections of the Local Station Boards of the 5 Pacifica radio stations are as successful, broadly representative and fair as possible. In pursuit of this the Board of Directors mandates the full use of all the resources at the disposal of the stations and the network. Further, the Board mandates that Management fully support that all efforts will be made for the needed outreach to produce a sufficiently large and diverse pool of candidates for the Local Board elections and for the highest possible participation in the elections by the subscriber/voters. Management is directed to give Pacifica's National Election Supervisor and the local stations' Election Supervisors as well as the local station election committees their complete and full support and cooperation.

Actions to be taken in support of this board directive should include but not necessarily be limited to:

  • Frequent live and recorded on-air announcements designed to inform and educate the subscribers about the elections and to urge their participation as voters and candidates.
  • Full use of Pacifica's and the stations' Web sites to provide information to the subscribers about the elections and candidates and a concerted on-air effort to direct the subscribers to the sites for that purpose.
  • On-air candidate presentations, discussions and debates.
  • Town Hall style Candidates' Night events in different geographic parts of the stations' signal areas, which could be broadcast or rebroadcast on the local station.
  • Stories and notices in local press about station board elections and Pacifica's democratization.
  • Management to take appropriate action to insure that all candidates are treated equally and fairly.

Management should place the success of the election process among its top priorities until the Station Board elections are completed. The elections should be given resources and importance at least equal to what Pacifica stations devote to on-air fundraising drives, and the unmistakable message conveyed to the listeners should be that their participation in these elections is as important a contribution to the welfare of their local community radio station as their financial support. To the greatest degree possible both programmers at the local stations and national programmers should be encouraged to promote the importance of participating in these elections to their listeners. Pacifica and Local Station Management should view the success of the election process in the coming months and the effort they make in support of successful Station Board elections as one important measurement of the overall success of their administration of the network and the stations.

Written and submitted by Curt Gray, 9/5/03

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