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Put it on the radio already

[ posted on the discussion board at: http://goodlight.net/wbai ]

what really bothers me is..
Thu May 9 00:30:20 2002

Mr.White on the report to the listener slot and Mr. Keyes on the governance debates said that WBAI has their own listener show which implied that the national Pacifica Matters show is not worth putting on WBAI. I plead with management to consider airing this national listener show mainly because it covers Pacifica nationally as a whole. The national situation at Pacifica was never emphasized on air at WBAI for the last few years and one could say that is part of the reason why WBAI experienced the course of events over the last couple years. If listeners aren't kept abreast with the national scene, the same catastrophe could happen again as it did under the watch of the same the WBAI management that is back in power now. I would say management owes it to its listeners to broadcast Pacifica Matters without any delay. Sure it gives some controversial views we may all not like but it is diverse and gives a great perspective of the other stations as well. Listeners that want to hear this Pacifica Matters show will go to the internet but listeners voices should not be relegated to the internet if many listeners want to hear it over WBAI airwaves. so be it

[ iPNB member Carol Spooner loved Pacifica Matters ]

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