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Proposal for a Pacifica bylaws convention

From: Bernie Eisenberg
Date: Sat Sep 28, 2002 7:26 pm
Subject: KPFK draft proposal for a Pacifica Foundation Bylaws Convention

Proposal for a Pacifica Foundation Bylaws Convention

Passed by the KPFK BYLAWS SUBCOMMITTEE, 9/1/02, 9/25/02
Passed in principle by the KPFK LOCAL ADVISORY BOARD, 9/5/02

There is palpable and widely expressed concern among those KPFK and Pacifica listeners who have spoken, that the current Bylaws process may be inadequately discussed before a determination is rendered; insufficiently representative of the listeners' and Local Boards' wishes; and/or untested and subject to defect. THEREFORE, WE PROPOSE:

• That within one month of seating of elected PNB members under the new Bylaws, the current iPNB-mandated station area Bylaws Subcommittees will meet, and will continue to meet periodically throughout the following twelve months to review and revise the Bylaws; and that the Local Boards and PNB complete independent reviews of the Bylaws within that time; and that other reasonable accommodations be made to involve listeners in the process of Bylaws review.
• That the Bylaws Subcommittees report their activities, solicit listener input, and otherwise advance the process of review on the air for one hour per week in addition to any other governance programming mandated by the PNB, or, if no mandated governance programming exists, for three hours per week; and that these broadcasts be recorded and posted on Pacifica's website.
• That at approximately twelve months of the seating of elected PNB members under these Bylaws, the PNB will hold a Bylaws Convention. This convention may be held in person or electronically, as determined by the bodies represented in it
• That this convention will be webcast and broadcast at all stations in its entirety; and that it will be recorded and made available at the Pacifica website.
• That the voting representatives from each signal area to that meeting will be 2 PNB members, 2 Local Board members, and 4 listener members.
• That a minimum of 50% of the representatives will be racial/ethnic minorities and a minimum of 50% of the representatives will be women.
• That Pacifica Foundation will provide funding for reasonable expenses for all representatives.
• That the representatives be charged with incorporating into the Bylaws by consensual or democratic principles those local revisions that they have brought from their constituencies.
• That these Revised Bylaws will be ratified by a national vote of listener-members at the next regular election or at a special election in 3 months time after the Convention, whichever is first; and that the PNB and Local Boards, with the assistance of the Bylaws Subcommittees, will make extraordinary effort to educate the listener-members and encourage their participation.


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