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Governance Proposals

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Listed here are proposals mostly homemade by people in the Pacifica community in an effort to restructure Pacifica's governance (now mandated by the lawsuits settlement). This includes democratization (listener involvement) and bylaw amendments.
Email your masterpiece for posting here to: webworker@wbai.net

Find meeting info and materials regarding the Pacifica bylaws revisions process here:
Pacifica bylaws revisions section
Proposals below have been organized into five groups:
BYLAWS, ELECTIONS (will be part of bylaws), CONSTITUENCY / INCLUSION MODELS (for determing board members), DEFINING MEMBERS and GENERAL / OTHER



Bylaws Drafts A, B, and C
6-19-03: The "Final" drafts along with Allen's (KPFT) proposed amendments
KPFK Bylaws Subcommittee proposed changes to bylaws draft
5-17-03: From some of the folks in the KPFK area
Pacifica diversity bylaw committee: related documents
3-29-03 and after
KPFK Bylaws Subcommittee proposed changes to draft
Revised Proposed Pacifica Bylaws
4-2-03: Drafts A and B - with and without diversity committee suggestions
"Corrected Final Draft" Proposed revision of Pacifica bylaws [180 kb html]
2-28-03: From the lawyer
"Final Draft" Proposed revision of Pacifica bylaws [ 164kb html]
2-21-03: From the lawyer
New Pacifica bylaws draft [ 132kb html]
2-11-03: From the lawyer
The bylaws draft: Responses and resolutions
1-26-03: From various listening areas
Revised and legally reviewed draft of proposed Pacifica bylaws
1-17-03: From the lawyer
Pacifica bylaws drafts consolidation - revised
11-13-02: As requested by the iPNB, compiled by Rob Robinson
Pacifica bylaws revision draft comparison grid [ 205 kb ]
9-8-02: 5 bylaws drafts side by side
The 5 main bylaws drafts from the Pacifica bylaws revision committee
Drafts A, B, C, D, E
Another resource for these various bylaws revision proposals (KPFA area)
Zakiya bylaws draft
12-2-02: by Jabari Zakiya, iPNB member from WPFW area
Pacifica Accountability Committee draft
9-18-02: KPFK area [ 92kb ]
KPFA bylaws draft (B) - revised
9-13-02: KPFA subcommittee proposal
KPFK bylaws draft (D)- revised
9-8-02: KPFK area ( 95kb )
Fertig's bylaws draft(C) - revised
9-6-02: From David Fertig (KPFK iPNB rep)
KPFT bylaws draft (E)
8-31-02: KPFT subcommittee bylaws draft [ 135kb ]
Proposed bylaws to prevent takeover through elections
8-29-02: From Paul Surovell, WBAI area
KPFK bylaws draft (D)
8-29-02: KPFK bylaws revision subcommittee proposal
Proposed compromise of relative powers of Local and National Boards
8-27-02: Bob Lederer and Donna Gould, WBAI area
Public Meetings bylaw integrated
8-16-02: Roger Manning, WBAI area [wbai.net editor]. The bylaw as plugged into the Spooner draft.
Weisgal bylaws draft based on drafts A and B
8-13-02: Ted Weisgal, KPFT area
WPFW bylaws draft (A)
7-25-02: WPFW subcommittee proposal from Rob Robinson
Public meetings bylaw
7-25-02: Gregory Wonderwheel, KPFA area. A re-write of the General meeting bylaw proposal
Proposal for periodic bylaws review
6-19-02: Eve Moser, WBAI area
Proposed bylaws
6-8-02: Dan Siegel, CA
Pacifica Bylaws revision "bullet points"
5-30-02: From the iPNB bylaws revision committee [ revised 6-1-02 ]
Proposals for new bylaws
5-20-02: Jim Dingeman, WBAI area
proposals for specific bylaws
5-9-02: By Steve Brown - WBAI listener
By-Law to gather public input & giving notice
5-6-02: J2 on the goodlight message board
Proposals for Revised National Bylaws
5-1-02: By Larry Romstead - presented at 4-30-02 bylaws meeting in N.J.
Proposed bylaw for General Meetings
4-11-02: From Roger M, NYC (editor of this site) - revised 4-29-02
Bylaws proposal to protect mission oriented programming
4-20-02: Tom Gregg, WBAI listener
bylaw suggestion
4-5-02: A bylaw regarding reports to the listener - Jim Dingeman
4 bylaw suggestions
4-2-02: From Laura Lichtenstein, WBAI listener
Proposed process for creating new bylaws
3-3-02: From various Pacifica listeners and staff
Two proposed Foundation bylaw changes
2-9-02: Tom Gregg, WBAI listener
Proposed programming procedure
1-26-02: Edward Taylor - KPFK area
Proposed Bylaw Amendments
7-9-01: From The Committee To Remove The Pacifica Board (Gregory Wonderwheel)
6-1-97: Proposed bylaws from KPFK area
New diversity bylaw language idea
5-15-03: Carol Spooner - KPFA area
Proposed bylaws elections section improvements
1-21-03: Larry Romsted, Eve Moser - WBAI area
"In-reach" coordinator for elections
1-14-02: From the WBAI LAB
Direct Election Of At-Large Members To PNB
12-8-02: by Howard Brandstein, WBAI area
Hybrid elections proposal - final version
11-29-02: Donna Gould , WBAI area
The KPFA model for local station board elections
11-25-02: with some modifications made at the iPNB meeting in Houston
Hybrid elections proposal - revised
11-25-02: Donna Gould , WBAI area
Compromise elections model
11-23-02: WBAI Committee for a Unified Membership
Hybrid elections proposal
11-22-02: Donna Gould , WBAI area
Petition for unified voting and mission savvy candidates and members
10-7-02: Paul Surovell and Manijeh Saba - WBAI area
Proportional Representation - made easy
9-13-02: 4 page overview of the elections method used by KPFA and referred to in various bylaws drafts
KPFA LAB elections guidelines
5-17-00: The "KPFA model"
Article on proportional representation voting
Used in Berkeley LAB elections
CF of WBAI Elections Committee Procedure Proposal
From 7-18-01
Center for Voting and Democracy.
Proportional Representation Library. Proportional representation, the form used at KPFA and much more. See the "Beginning Readings" link.
KPFK Listeners Group elections procedure proposal
Choice voting explanation and glossary
6-3-02: Bertold Reimers, WBAI area CF elections committee chair
Election proposal comparison chart
6-3-02: Comparing KPFA, KPFK, and WBAI CF projects
Proposal to elect PNB chair
5-28-02: Edward Taylor - KPFK area
Constituency model proposal discussion outline
5-21-02: not the actual proposal, but a discussion outline
Proposed elections procedures
5-7-02: Carl Gunther, KPFK area (62kb)
The makeup of the station board
4-16-02: A voting model from Paul Surovell - NJ
Election proposal comparison chart
2-23-02: Tom Gregg, WBAI listener
Proposed kpfa election procedure revisions
3-29-02: Edward Taylor - KPFK area
An Elections Proposal
1-26-02: From Howard Brandstein, NYC listener.
Composition of the Electorate at Pacifica\WBAI
1-1-02: A draft proposal by Rob Dickey, NYC
Proposal to Elect a Democratized KPFK Station Board
5-15-01: by the KPFK Listener's Group


Diversity Language committee: final draft
New diversity bylaw language idea
5-15-03: Carol Spooner - KPFA area
Diversity Language committee: Draft Language re: Bylaws
5-14-03: Resulting from teleconference meeting
Pacifica diversity bylaw committee: related documents
3-29-03 and after
Pacifica Diversity Language Committee: lawyer's proposed language
5-6-03: From lawyer Jonathon Lubell and Mimi Rosenberg(NYC)
Proposal regarding size of Local boards
4-24-03: From Pacifica bylaws revision committee chair Carol Spooner
Pacifica diversity bylaw committee
3-29-03: related documents
Diversity bylaw proposal and accusations
4-18-03: WBAI LAB/"Unity Caucus"
Affirmative Action statement and proposed bylaw
2-28-03: WBAI LAB, Mimi Rosenberg, Bob Lederer
Hybrid elections proposal - final version
11-29-02: Donna Gould , WBAI area
Hybrid elections proposal - revised
11-25-02: Donna Gould , WBAI area
Hybrid elections proposal
11-22-02: Donna Gould , WBAI area
Revised constituency model
11-9-02: As spliced into proposed Pacifica bylaws. - "Unity Caucus", WBAI area
Constiuency/Inclusion model Pre bylaws draft and station board chart
9-19-02: From the "Unity Caucus", WBAI area
Bylaws Implementation Proposal for Model of inclusion
8-12-02: Mark Sanborne, Mimi Rosenberg and Bob Lederer - WBAI Area
A Diversity Proposal
8-10-01: Diallo, posted to KPFT bylaws message board
CPR constituency model outline
7-22-02: From Community for Progressive Radio, WBAI area
A Model of Inclusion (constituency model updated)
7-7-02: Mimi Rosenberg and Mark Sanborne, WBAI area
The constituency model
5-28-02: Mimi Rosenberg, Mark Sanborne, Joe Kaye and members of
Community for Progressive Radio - WBAI area
New WPFW Proposal To Determine Membership and LAB composition
10-13-02: From Jabari Zakiya and the WPFW bylaws revision subcommitte
legal definition of a "Member" in CA
6-20-02: From Carol Spooner
Some constiuency model talk
4-19-02: From the goodlight and newPacifica discussion boards
Fairness in defining membership
4-19-02: Brad Taylor - NYC
Plenty of stuff a volunteer member could do
4-18-02: from Liz Mclellan - NYC
Who should be a member?
4-11-02: bylaw suggetion from Edwin Johnston - Houston
Only listeners get to be members
4-2-02: Nan Rubin - NYC
Pacifica diversity bylaw committee: related documents
3-29-03 and after
Proposal regarding size of Local boards
4-24-03: From Pacifica bylaws revision committee chair Carol Spooner
Pacifica diversity bylaw committee
3-29-03: related documents
Proposed affirmative action policy
3-5-03: From Carol Spooner - iPNB bylaws revision committee chair
Several bylaws diversity section propoposals
2-12-03: Diallo Kantambu - KPFT LAB, Gregory Wonderwheel - KPFA area, KPFA LAB
Proposed Language for Bylaws Diversity Section
1-30-03: Diallo Kantambu - KPFT LAB
To guarantee staff diversity
1-23-03: Bob Lederer, WBAI
Listener representation by district
10-23-02: Victor Madeson - WBAI area
Revised proposed pacifica statement of principles - revised
10-13-02: Bob Lederer, WBAI staff and the "Unity Caucus" - WBAI area
WPFW bylaw proposal regarding station boards
10-13-02: From Jane Gatewood WPFW bylaws revision subcommittee
Proposed pacifica statement of principles - revised
10-8-02: Bob Lederer, WBAI staff and the "Unity Caucus" - WBAI area
Proposal for a Pacifica bylaws convention
9-27-02: From KPFK bylaws revision subcommittee
Proposal for stucturing program councils
9-3-02: Jonathan Markowitz - KPFK area
Proposed Union rights bylaw receives WBAI staff support
8-19-02: Bob Lederer, WBAI staff
Internal Safety and Integrity bylaw proposal
8-19-02: Emmett Abati Doe, KPFT area
A Policy Governance model for organizations
8-15-02: from: www.carvergovernance.com/model.htm
Financial procedures proposal for Pacifica / Conflict of interest policy
8-3-02: Susan Lee, WBAI producer
Programming council requirement proposal
7-29-02: KPFK bylaws revision subcommittee
Keeping it simple
7-25-02: List of basic policy suggestions, Robert Johnson - WBAI area
Ethics Proposal for the Revised By-Laws
6-21-02: David Moore, presented at Pacifica Now! conference
Towards a Cooperative Pacifica (54kb)
6-21-02: Ken Freeland and Evan Davis, presented at Pacifica Now! conference
Programming Councils proposal
6-9-02: Jonathan Markowitz, KPFK area
Proposed Resolution on Race & Nationality at Pacifica
6-7-02: members of WBAI staff, LAB and listenership
proposed Programming Council process
5-25-02: Jonathan Markowitz, KPFK area
Proposal for Pacifica Anti-Discrimination policy
5-22-02: By Mimi Rosenberg, WBAI staff
Proposed pacifica statement of principles
5-20-02: Bob Lederer, WBAI staff
Democratizing Pacifica: How Much is Enough?
5-2000: Pacifica Listener's Union (CA)
Defining the local station board
4-17-02: by CF elections committee chair Bertold Reimers
Pacifica structure proposal
4-7-02: by Jim Curtis
Proposal for apportionment of powers amongst boards
2-24-02: Steven Brown, WBAI listener
Settlement timeline
2-15-02: A schedule for for completing bylaw revisions and elections in 2002
Towards a Democratic Pacifica - Framing the Debate
1-28-02 - revised 3-6-02: By various NYC listners
Pacifica Governance Model
1-14-02: A draft proposal by Rob Dickey, NYC

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