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CPR constituency model



WBAI/ Pacifica

I. Who are the the Pacifica/WBAI "Constituencies"?
A. Those in society that are oppressed, exploited, underrepresented and marginalized
B. Listeners
C. Staff (Unpaid and Paid)
II."Constituent Representation" at the Lcl. and Nat'l. Levels
A.Credible Governance Structures and Representation Must Reflect the Will of the Constituencies
B. Proposed Listener Constituent Categories:
1. Oppressed Communities
a) African
b) Asian
c) Latino
d) Native/Indigenous
e) Immigrant
2. Rank-and-file Labor
3. Youth
4. Women
5. Artist/Arts Community
6. Disabled
7. Jailed/Imprisoned
8. Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Trans Gender
9. Staff
a) Paid
b) Unpaid
10. Signal Area Listeners
a) NYC
b) NJ
c) LI
d) Upstate/Conn
e) At-Large
C. Size of Local Board & Representatives Per Category: TBD by broader, more inclusive body of Constituents
* NOTE: A Local Board that is larger than the current number 24 in necessary; reflecting the numerous responsibilities of the board as well as the voluntary nature of the board's involvement in: listener participation, _fun&aising, governance, the Folio, the Program Council, etc. (Prelim. Size Recommendation: 36)
III Participation Processes: Minimum of 6 month (July-Dec.) Mobilization emphasizing 'Constituent inclusion" and outreach
A. Critical Role of a Coordinated Pre-election Outreach
    1. LAB & Listener Roles:
    2. Station-Staff (and National) Role(s):
        a) Programming: Fduc./Iffo/Promo
        b) Fulltime Organizer/Liaison
    3. Role of Comunity-based Organizations, Activists and "leadership"
        a) Credibility/Support/Meaningful Access
B. Nominations-Candidacy: TBD by broader, more inclusive body (Prelim. Recommendations:
        1. Two to Three week period, completed by end of Nov.
        2. Each nominee would have to at least articulate his/her support of
         mission statement as well as her/his specific vision of 'BAI/Pacifica)
C. Election Process: TBD by broader, more inclusive body (Prelim. Recommendation:
        1 .Three to five-week period, completed by end of Dec. or niid Jan.)
        2. Oppressed Comm. Reps, et al (categories 1-8) elected by specific
        constituents only; at least 18 reps.
        3. Area Listener Reps (category 10) elected by all listeners; at least 9 reps.
        4. Staff Reps (category 9) elected by specific constituents only; up to 9
        5. All candidates on same ballot;
        6. Voting at station during entire general period; and at numerous
        community locations on specified days/weeks and at specified times.
        7. Oversight by a mutually determined coalition team or
        neutral/independent team.
IV. Role of Local Board
A. TBD by broader, more inclusive body (Prelim. Recommendations:
1. Vote for PNB Members (at least one from Oppressed.Comm. et al (categories 1-9); Area Listener Reps, and Staff Reps. PNB Reps would be non voting at local level; and recallable
2. Listener participation, event planning, fundraising, governance (i.e., monitoring/oversight, not day-to-day management), the Folio, the Program Council, etc.

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