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Pacifica Governance Model - A Draft Proposal

From: Robert Dickey
Date: Mon Jan 14, 2002 5:25 am

Pacifica Governance Model - A Draft Proposal

The proposal distills down to five components.

1.The electorate will be defined along the lines of sweat equity and not subscription as described in "Composition of the Electorate at Pacifica\WBAI -- A Draft Proposal". In the current proposal the electorate will self select meeting the requirements of 36 hours of service to the Pacifica reconstruction project over the last year. New members of the electorate will be established after fulfilling 36 hours. This will probably result in several thousand highly informed and motivated community members. Exactly the electorate we need!

2.The implementation of binding referenda or plebiscite for by law changes and election to the Station Boards, National Board and Program Councils. Binding referenda or plebiscite distributes the control power of an Institution to as many points as there are active participants. This would rapidly fulfill the community's, the IPNB's, and Dan Coughlin's commitment to "building a media network from the bottom up."

3. Several thresholds will need to be established:

a. A minimum threshold to establish the validity for bringing a particular referenda to the electorate for a binding vote.

b. A Minimum threshold for the adoption of a particular referenda.

c. A Minimum threshold percentage of the total electorate for the validity of a vote.

4. A protocol for establishing the period of time a particular referenda is discussed.

5. Resources dedicated to facillitate an informed discussion during the period of discussion.

This proposal scales from the local to the National. It reinforces Pacifica's integrity to the mission and strengthens both its internal functioning and defenses against external threat.

There is much more to articulate about this proposal but it contains the kernel which will establish direct democracy and self management of the network by the community which has built it.

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