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Elections Proposal 1-26-02

Comments welcome

Democracy does not guarantee a progressive outcome and no structure, however elegant or clever, substitutes for the political and ideological development of its members. Nevertheless, democratic rather than authoritarian structures and the free flow of ideas can help mobilize and educate our base to more effectively defend Pacifica and define a progressive and radical program content.

A democratic Pacifica should represent and balance the different interests in our network including those of listeners locally and nationally, producers (paid and unpaid) and staff, and- affiliates. The community land trust can be considered as a useful model in organizing a new Pacifica along with other cooperative and membership-run structures.

I. Membership/Eligibility
• Uniform standards of membership across five station areas

• Sliding scale membership fee (additional donations may be contributed during fundraising drives)

II. Local Advisory Boards
• Direct elections for two year terms (using KPFA model or variation thereof)

• LABs serve as nominating committee for candidates to national Board

• Petition candidates (i.e. members not nominated by LAB) to be provided for in rules

III. Pacifica National Board

• Direct elections for two year terms of 17 members as follows:
17 members or 2 each from the 5 local station area members
5 members elected at-large by entire national membership
1 member elected by prorammers nationally
1 member elected by staff nationally

• Representation of affiliates on national Board to be determined

• National Board serves as nominating committee for 5 at-large candidates

• Petition candidates to be provided for in rules (e.g.,petition candidates must garner support from more than one station area)

IV. Staggering LAB & PNB Elections

• Fill vacancies in LABs first

• Elect station area representatives to PNB before electing at-large members Allow existing members of IPNB to serve as at-large members during phase-in period

Howard Brandstein


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