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A general outline

From: Robert Johnson - rohjo@y...
Date: Thu Jul 25, 2002 2:00 am
Subject: shave and a haircut -- my two bits

Pacifica reorg needs:

Simple processes, same everywhere, for all to see.

No more than about a dozen per committee for real-world communication purposes.

Two-year terms for all -- keep it rotating and fresh

and don't burn out and scare off players.

Stagger terms across elections held every other year to avoid stacked boards and elections burn-out. (This requires initial jump-start of some kind, of course.)

No grandfathering. I trust the public more than the cronies. The good guys will get re-elected, anyway.

One election per signal area: let the local board comprise, in part, a station's program council.

No nation-wide elections for national board: nightmare logistics and unknowable personas.

Local boards elect national board. National board hires national staff. Both hire local staff.

Direct election of one PNB member per signal area -- built-in coronary bypass.

Choice voting, no computers.

Affirmative action mandated big-time in outreach for candidates and staff. No quotas, no clubs, no shell games, period.

Think _issue-oriented_ outreach for everything. It's time past to get the goods in diversity instead of the wrappings.

Subscriber/volunteer members only. Dump CPB ASAP. Let's grow up and become a community sponsored network -- free, independent, active, resilient.

Outta change. More later, maybe.


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