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Bylaw for report to the listener

jim dingeman
Fri Apr 5 18:56:01 2002

I propose this as a uniform across the board Pacifica bylaw

Every Pacifica station will have a mandated two hour weekly program called REPORT FROM THE LISTENER. It will allocated to it volunteer or paid engineer support do it can always be aired. It's staff will consist of a rotating group of listeners who will be staggered into it so it can create momentum and durability. Representatives to the SHow will consist of one person each drawn from each listener group in the signal area the Pacifica station is in. They will be further reinforced by a random drawing of six listeners from the subscriber base who will drawn with the rules of proportionality and diversity as developed in the KPFA LAB model applied.

They will be trained and educated in a commonsense fashion in the rudiments of radio production,interviewing and talk show formats. After a six month period the staff will be changed again so a fresh crew can be brought in with the same method.

This is not to mean that the people heretofore involved cannot participate but it means that a new group of six randomly drawn listeners will be freshly trained.

The format will be mandated to be a FREE SPACE where policy and opinions on Pacifica can be freely expressed without ANY DANGER of retaliation. The idea of this is to get one check and balance into place that can be immune from the pressures on producers to not say anything contrary to the local power configuartion in place at any Pacifica station.


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