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Report on iPNB finances meeting

Cannibal reposts iPNB Secretary Spooner
Public Statement on IPNB Meeting, 8/23/02
Sun Aug 25 15:54:30 2002

From: Carol Spooner
Date: Sun Aug 25, 2002 3:39 pm
Subject: Public Statement on IPNB Meeting, 8/23/02

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On Friday, August 23, 2002 the Interim Pacifica National Board met via conference call to discuss and take action on the FY2002 4th Quarter Budget. We attempted to set up a webcast for this meeting but unfortunately it did not work out...please accept our apologies.

At the June meeting of the IPNB we agreed to meet via conference call once we received the updated FY2002 4th quarter budget from the national office. It took a while to find the best date for this meeting and it finally took place on 8/23. Participating in the meeting were: IPNB members Allen, Barnstone, Bramson, Bryant, Cagan, Fertig, Laforest, Robinson, Spooner, and Zakiya. Staff participants were: Dan Coughlin, Executive Director, Yhasmine Bryan, Controller; and Joyce Snowden, Human Resources Director.

Questions about the budgets (consolidated, each station, archives and national office) were addressed by both Yhasmine Bryan and Dan Coughlin. The 4th quarter budget shows a $949,474 deficit but we began this quarter with a little over $1 million in the bank. We will have to look at the full fiscal year's figures before we know exactly how much of a deficit or surplus we have at the close of this fiscal year.

Recent very successful fund drives at three of the stations (WBAI, KPFA and KPFK) are not yet reflected in these figures/budgets. Both the national staff and members of the IPNB thank the listeners and staff at these stations for the continued support and hard work.

The vote to adopt the budget was unanimous.

Copies of the budgets will be sent to the webmaster for posting on Pacifica's website as quickly as possible. (www.pacifica.org)
[ also posted here at wbai.net ]

During our discussion several ideas and concerns came up, including:
- The organization needs to prepare a capital budget (in addition to the operating budgets we now work with). Ask finance committee to work on this after adoption of FY2003 budget.
- Suggestion that we get budgets with a narrative or annotations, to clarify potential confusing items.
- Separate out in as much detail each specific item...further break down of line items.
- Need to consider how to strengthen the Archives budget.

Once the business of the meeting was completed we agreed on a series of conference call/meetings over the next two weeks:
a) Friday, August 30 at 2 pm east coast time - issues related to move of national office
b) Sunday, Sept. 1st at 2 pm east coast time - next steps in bylaws revision process These two calls will be webcast - details to follow.

c) Sunday, Sept. 8th at 11 am east coast time - discuss proposal from board committee on the Democracy Now! contract. This will be convened in executive session and so not webcast.

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