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WBAI LAB to manager: Resign now.

I am posting this resolution to members of the PNB and to public list-servs as a courtesy for the WBAI Local Advisory Board, which adopted this resolution unanimously on November 7, 2001.

Bob Lederer
Concerned Friends of WBAI

The WBAI Local Advisory Board calls for the Pacifica National Board to immediately remove Robert Daughtry as WBAI General Manager, a position for which he was illegally hired, and to work with the WBAI LAB and staff to institute a broad-based, participatory search committee to choose a new manager or management team for the station.

The legal basis for this resolution is as follows: The "Letter of Understanding" between Pacifica's Executive Director and the United Electrical Union representing all WBAI workers remained in effect at the time (Sept. 2001) that Mr. Daughtry was hired as WBAI General Manager. This constituted a part of the legally binding contract between the Pacifica Foundation and the workers at WBAI. Due to Pacifica's complete failure to follow the required procedure -- i.e, if there was any screening committee (none was ever announced), it certainly did not include any representatives of the paid or unpaid staff or of the LAB, nor was the union given notice of any change in this procedure -- Mr. Daughtry's hiring was on its face illegal.


July 20, 1995

United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers 18 Church Street, 2nd Floor Paterson, New Jersey 07505


This is to confirm that Pacifica's current policy mandates participation of Paid Staff, Unpaid Staff, and Local Board representation and the Executive Director on any screening committee for General Manager. Current practice at WBAI is to include three representatives elected by Paid Staff, three representatives elected by Unpaid Staff, and three representatives elected by the Local Board. If there is any change contemplated in either this policy or practice, the Union will be given notice of these discussions and will be given opportunity to provide input. Final authority to hire or fire a General Manager rests with the Pacifica Executive Committee.

Similarly, the current practice of the Station is to allow representatives of Paid and Unpaid Staff to participate in the screening committee of the Program Director. If any change is contemplated in this practice, the Union shall be given every opportunity to provide input into such discussions. Final authority to hire or fire a Program Director rests with the General Manager.

Executive Director

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