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• 10-14-03: WBAI LAB member, activist Jon Cohen dies
• 9-21-03: WBAI LAB chair resolution regarding improper removal
• 9-9-03: WBAI LAB meeting notes
• 8-16-03: WBAI unpaid staff call for new representative on LAB
• 8-4-03: KPFK LAB revote on bylaws doesn't materialize
• 7-22-03: WBAI LAB votes no on bylaws - makes resolution
• 7-9-03: KPFT and KPFA LABs ratify draft B
• 7-9-03: WPFW LAB rejects Draft B

• 6-25-03: KPFK LAB endorses bylaws draft B
• 6-10-03 WBAI LAB on-air report audio
• 6-3-03 WBAI LAB meeting audio on line: http://www.radio4all.net/proginfo.php?id=7174
• 5-15-03: KPFA and KPFT LABs endorse bylaws draft B
• 4-18-03: WBAI LAB proposal and accusations
• 3-3-03: WBAI LAB Affirmative Action statement and proposal
• 2-28-03: "Corrected Final Draft" Proposed revision of Pacifica bylaws [180 kb html]
• 1-21-03: The bylaws draft: Responses and resolutions
• 1-14-03: WBAI LAB proposes "In-reach" for elections
•1-12-03: The 5 LABs vote on bylaws
• 12-21-02: bylaws items up for LAB votes
• 12-28-02: WPFW LAB vote on bylaws
• 12-3-02: Five LAB votes on elections models
• 12-17-02: WBAI LAB meeting audio and notes
• 12-17-02: WBAI LAB: what's going on?
• 12-12-02: Audio of WBAI LAB report: http://www.radio4all.net/proginfo.php?id=6011
• 12-11-02: The KPFA LAB votes on bylaws
   [ LAB headlines continued below ]

WBAI LAB member list
1998 Pacifica LAB bylaws
1997 Pacifica LAB bylaws
WBAI Station Board bylaws ( updated 1991 )
Corporation for Public Broadcasting LAB rules
http://www.wbailab.org   - WBAI Local Advisory Board site

WBAI LAB minutes and notes
9-9-03: WBAI LAB meeting notes
1-21-03: WBAI LAB minutes
12-17-02: WBAI LAB meeting audio and notes
12-3-02: WBAI LAB meeting notes
11-5-02: WBAI LAB minutes
10-1-02: WBAI LAB minutes
9-3-02: WBAI LAB minutes
8-6-02: WBAI LAB minutes
7-2-02: WBAI LAB minutes
4-8-02: WBAI LAB minutes
11-26-01: WBAI LAB meeting notes
11-7-01: WBAI LAB meeting notes
7-2-01: WBAI LAB meeting notes
3-29-01: Report on attempted meeting

12-3-02: 2 WBAI lab members' statements supporting the constituency model
11-17-02: A view from the LAB minority on the constituency model of elections
11-14-02: WBAI LAB on morning show
11-9-02: EDITORIAL: The WBAI LAB and proposed elections policies
11-8-02: Repost: Petition for unified election procedures at Pacifica
11-8-02: Documents presented to the WBAI LAB 11-5-02
11-8-02: Reaction to the 11-5-02 WBAI LAB straw poll re: constiuency model
9-13-02: The KPFA model for local station board elections
8-19-02: Are the Local Advisory Boards being "Packed" ?
5-1-02: Andy Norris on rules governing LABs
3-13-02: KPFA LAB meeting report
2-27-02: KPFA LAB meeting report
2-13,20-02 LAB exploratory committee minutes
2-6-02: Productive LAB meeting in Houston
1-23-02: WBAI LAB, Pacifica Campaign support lifting the boycott
1-18-02: The Houston LABs combine
1-10-02: Happenings and resolutions: Houston, D.C., Los Angeles, and NYC
12-17-01: KFPA election results
11-28-01: LAB meeting report from Houston
11-28-01: A report from L.A. Local Advisory Board meeting
11-14-01: Proposed Resolution for wbai Local Advisory Board mission
11-7-01: WBAI LAB calls on new station manager to resign
10-30-01: KPFA Elections: Meet the Candidates
8-16-01: KPFA LAB elections underway
7-9-01: LAB 7-9-01 Request for feedback
8-9-01: Carol Spooner (listener's lawsuit) commenting on the KPFA LAB
8-1-01: Patty's (CdPNY) 7-31-01 LAB meeting analysis
7-31-01: Goodlight moderator Frank's 7-31-01 LAB meeting impressions
7-26-01: Open letter to the LAB from the Coordinating Committee of CF
7-29-01: Elections and general: Open letter from LAB member Mimi Rosenberg
7-25-01: Lee Kronick on Elections: How the WBAI Local Advisory Board really feels?
7-25-01: Andy Norris on Elections; another veiwpoint from the LAB
5-21-01: Elections Committee 5-21-01 letter to WBAI LAB
3-30-01: LAB statement regarding allegations of violence
3-31-01: Response regarding the March 16th Democracy Now

The WBAI Local Advisory Board meetings had been held at 120 Wall Street. Here is a report on the arrests that took place when the LAB attempted to hold its January 23, 2001 meeting.
1-23-01 meeting
2-23-01 statement

You can read about the the Historic KPFA Local Advisory Board election including their plan & procedures at:
Coalition for a democratic Pacifica -Bay Area

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