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KPFA LAB meeting report

Report on KPFA LAB meeting 2/27
Fri Mar 1 10:14:34 2002

We had a productive meeting this Wednesday.

1. Jabari Zakiya, an iPNB board member chosen by the DC sister station, and current treasurer of the iPNB was present and spoke eloquently about programming and the national network situation.

2. The LAB passed a resolution to return the Pacifica National offices to Berkeley.

3. The LAB passed a resolution to set up committee to set up process for a permanent General Manager searach committee. (Gail's editor's Note: this does not mean that Jim Bennett will be replaced. This means that since Jim is an interim GM, we need to have a permanent GM selected, which must be done through an open hiring process, and I hope Jim will apply for the spot.)

4. The LAB PC Search Committee reviewed all applicants for the community representative positions on the Program Council to be appointed by the LAB. All the applicants were incredible. Four candidates were interviewed.

This Wednesday the KPFA LAB appointed Andrea Buffa and Willie Thompson as community representatives to the Program Council. Tracy Rosenberg was appointed as an alternate.

Andrea Buffa really needs no introduction. She was formerly with Media Alliance, and has been very active in the Pacifica struggle. She is an active KPFA listener. She has a demonstrated track record of interacting with many different groups and getting things done. She has a commitment and demonstrated ability to transforming programming to better serve the voiceless, disenfrachised, and groups not represented in the mainstream.

Willie Thompson is a long time listener. He is a retired Sociology professor. He is involved in the reparations for African Americans movement. He is also involved in a group called NOBRA (I hope I have that right) that is dedicated to uniting Africans in the Americas. He seems to have very effective communication skills. He is also committed to transforming programming to better serve the voiceless, disenfrachised, and groups not represented in the mainstream.

Tracy Rosenberg was also with Media Alliance, and has long been involved in the Pacifica struggle. She is dynamic, and full of ideas. Wonderful communication skills. She is well connected to the grassroots communities, and is an active listener.

All of these folks are committed to making the LAB and PC meetings and will work with the LAB.

The KPFA LAB passed some resolutions for the LAB PC reps to bring to the PC.

1. The LAB would like the LAB PC community reps let the PC know that the LAB would like to appoint another alternate, specifically as an alternate for the LAB member rep, who is now Miguel Molina. We need another alternate because of the difficult time slot the meeting is at now, and we fear the LAB PC rep won't be able to make it there all the time.

2. The Lab urges pc to schedule meetings during eveining hours to permit working people to serve on the PC. The lab also urges the PC to meet regularly with the public.

3. LAB urges the PC to broadcast as a special program as much of the proceedings of the IPNB meeting in LA from 3/8 to 3/10 as possible. The station board believes the broadcast of the iPNB meeting is important as part of the education of the KPFA listenters and especially the station's subscribers in their new role as voters. We als urge the special broadcast be heavily projmoted with taped and live announcements to notify listeners of the broadcast.

4. If Loafer's Glory, aired on Sundays at 5:00 is to be discontinued, the LAB recommends the time slot previously held for Loafer's Glory be replaced with a one hour public affairs programming that will present in rotation a LAB report, General Manager report, a report on Pacifica, and reports from community listener support groups, and any new shows Utah produces.

(P.S. Gail's editorial note: I am trying to confirm what is happening with the slot. Robbie says "Utah will be producing more Loafer's Glory shows but not as often as before." I don't know what that means. Robbie and Susan said Sunday, while pitching, that Utah promised 100 shows and will only be occasionally doing new shows. I have asked what will run if not new shows. I have asked what the process was that made the decision as to what would be put in that place. I am sure Robbie and Susan will get back to me, and I will report to you ASAP )

5. The LAB is seeking LAB members who are not staff, but are community LAB members, and are interested in sitting on the Program Council, to send a letter of interest to the LAB email list.

6. Other resolutions passed by the LAB for the upcoming iPNB meeting: a. The LAB endorses a proposal from the Alliance for a People's Pacifica to ask the iPHNB to support efforts to hold educational events as a means of public participation in the reorganizing Pacifica after the settlement.

b. The LAB calls for a meeting of the LAB members from every station to meet in LA on the same weekend as the iPNB meeting. (the Coalition for a Democratic Pacifica and Chandra Hauptman have been working to set up rooms for so this can happen. Thank you Chandra and CdP!!!!!!!!!!!)

7. KPFA LAB Programming: We will write letters to programmers asking for their assistance to let the LAB come on their shows and do a LAB program. It was not clear to me exactly what else was decided.

Peace, gail blasie

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