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Resolutions to lift boycott

Thurs., Jan. 24, 2002, NYC

Tonight at the general meeting of the Concerned Friends of WBAI the vote was overwhelmingly in favor of lifting the boycott against Pacifica.


Weds., Jan. 23, 2002, NYC

Tonight at a public meeting of the Pacifica Campaign in NYC it was decided to lift the boycott against the Pacifica Foundation though maintaining solidarity with free Pacifica activists in D.C and L.A. where matters are much less resolved.

It was Juan Gonzales' last meeting as chair. He stated that the next focus of the national organization needs to be Pacifica bylaw reform and writing of election policy.


Last night the WBAI LAB held it's first meeting at the station in over a year.  

From: Anthony Mackall [WBAI LAB]
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 16:09:46 EST
Subject: WBAI LAB Resolution Regarding Local Fundraising and the National Boycott

The following resolution was adopted unanimously last night by the WBAI Local Advisory Board.

WBAI LAB: January 22nd Resolution To Support A Local Fundraising Campaign

Whereas on January 22, 2002 the following difficult conditions exist within the National Movement For A New Pacifica:

1) On the one hand, the dire financial crisis engulfing the entire Pacifica Network, has left WBAI without any operating funds or a bank account; and even without essential office supplies.

2) WBAI's newly returned management team, who worked in the movement throughout the Resistance and continues to be accessible to the LAB and the activist community, has urgently requested that the LAB endorse a major fund drive to help replenish local operations.

3) While on the other hand, our allies in the Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. signal areas, continue to struggle to remove recalcitrant station managers, who participated in Pacifica's demise and resist the efforts to democratize.

Be It Resolved that:

*The WBAI LAB endorses the immediate implementation of a local fundraising campaign that provides funds for WBAI operations.

*The LAB endorses lifting the National Pacifica Fundraising Boycott after consensus is reached among activists, LABs and station staff throughout the network.

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