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Upcoming court date - 9-18-01

From: Carol Spooner wildrose@pon.net
UPDATE - Committee to Remove the Pacifica Board
Sat, 15 Sep 2001 10:16:39 -0700

September 15, 2001

Dear Friends,

The court hearings on our motions, that were set for last Thursday September 13th, have been postponed until next Tuesday, the 18th, because the attorneys for the other side are in Washington and could not get a plane out to California.

So, on Tuesday, we will find out whether the judge will permit them to pack the board with more illegal directors on Wednesday. While I fervently hope not, the judge may permit it. If he does, that does NOT mean that the election is legal. It means that the judge is putting off until trial in January, when all the evidence and testimony is presented, deciding whether it is legal.

We have been very proud of our KPFA this week -- with their special programming broadcasting voices for peace. From the reports I have heard, the other four Pacifica stations have not been doing this -- just as KPFA is the only Pacifica station broadcasting Democracy Now! So, we must win this fight for Free Speech Radio -- to preserve KPFA and to restore WBAI, WPFW, KPFT, KPFK, and our national programs to Pacifica's mission -- we will need it even more in the months and years to come.

We are preparing for trial in January. There are approximately 80 depositions being scheduled -- many of them unnecessary and scheduled by the other side to harass us and tax our resources. This will be very expensive -- about $40-$50,000 per month for the next five months. Your contributions are needed and deeply appreciated -- see below for where to send money. I want to thank our wonderful phone bank crew. They are doing a great job! Email me to volunteer -- they could use your help.

Also want to thank the muscians from Majesty's Monkey who, along with Faun Fables and Mark Growden's Acoustic Pinata, lifed our hearts with music at our fundraiser in Sebastopol last night. Great turnout, too, thanks to all who came. It felt good to be singing, dancing and clapping with our friends.

If you're in the SF Bay Area, come to our fundraiser at the Westerbeke Ranch in Sonoma tomorrow, Sunday the 16th - 4-8 p.m. Directions are pasted below.

Pacifica means Peace,

Carol Spooner
Committee to Remove the Pacifica Board
(sponsoring the "listeners' lawsuit")

The Westerbeke Ranch is located at 2300 Grove Street in Sonoma.
Celebrate the KPFA Community
September 16, 4 to 8 PM
An Early Sunday Supper at the Westerbeke Ranch

Please bring a casserole or your own favorite potluck main dish (vegie preferred by some of us) with enough for ten servings. We'll provide the salad, B'n B, coffee and teas .

HWY 80 East to Vallejo
Exit onto  HWY 37 west
Travel about 10 miles
Turn right on HWY 121(Sonoma)

HWY 101 north to Novato
Turn onto HWY 37 east
Turn left on HWY 121 (Sonoma)

HWY 29 to HWY 12/121
To HWY 116/ Glen Ellen
Veer onto Arnold Drive/Glen Ellen
Turn left on Grove Street (traffic light/ gas station).
Travel 1.5 miles to W. Ranch on the right.

For Oakland and SF:   121 turns Rt at a stop sign while 116 continues
straight. Take 116 for 1.5 miles.  116 will swing to (to Petaluma) but
Arnold Drive continues straight (small sign says Arnold Drive) Travel 
miles. Turn left onto Grove Street (at gas station/ traffic light). 
1.5 miles to Westerbeke Ranch on your right.  Go through the green 
gates to the parking area.

Important -- We can't do this without you! Contributions to our legal fund can be made payable to:

Committee to Remove the Pacifica Board
1136 Wild Rose Drive
Santa Rosa, CA 95401.

To contribute on-line through Paypal go to http://www.paypal.com/. You will need to give them our email address: wildrose@pon.net.

Your gift to the Committee is NOT tax deductible, but your support of the cause of free speech radio is invaluable. Question, details? Call or email Carol Spooner, (707) 526-2867, wildrose@pon.net Thank you!

Tax deductible gifts of $500 or more to support our legal action can be made payable to our fiscal sponsor:
Marin Health Fund/Public Media Initiative
P.O. Box 5402
Mill Valley, CA 94942.

You will receive tax deduction receipt from them. Also, the MHF/Public Media Initiative has a special account to receive gifts of stock in support of our lawsuit. For details contact Linda Remy at mhf1982@pacbell.net Web Page: www.marinhealthfund.org Thank you!

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