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Pacifica Affiliate Candiates for Pacifica National Board

The Pacifica Bylaws provides for two director seats to be filled by persons nominated by Pacifica Affiliate radio stations. Two candidates have been nominated. Information below.


Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 20:39:52 -0800
From: behr
Subject: Affil Alliance nom: Marty Durlin [and Vicki Santa ]

Greetings, Ms. Spooner, and congratulations on your election to the LSB. We are happy that you are willing to continue to serve the Pacifica Network.

As newly-elected Secretary of the newly-formed Pacifica Affiliates Alliance, I am writing to inform you that:

1) Our Alliance now consists of 9 Affiliate stations: in order of joining, KMUD, WJFF, WERU, KDUR, WMNF, KGNU, KBUT, KCSB, and KBCS. Although in our infancy as an organization, we already represent almost 25% of the Affiliate entities. We can send you further information on our members if you are interested.

2) Our Alliance has draft Bylaws (attached in Word 98) which are a work-in-progress. They outline our process for electing candidates for nomination to the Pacifica National Board.

3) Hannah Sassaman of Prometheus Radio Project conducted our email election of candidates which the Alliance feels would represent us well on the Pacifica National Board.

4) That election resulted in the election of two candidates for your consideration. This email is to convey the nomination of Marty Durlin, General Manager of KGNU, Boulder, whose resume is attached. Her candidacy was supported by all 9 member stations.

Please let me know if you need any further information. I think I have satisfied all the requirements of your bylaws section, and thank you for your diligent efforts to solicit nominations and inform Affiliate stations of the process. This is certainly a historic moment for Pacifica and its Affiliates, and the Alliance stations are happy to contribute to an expanding Pacifica Network.


Secretary, Pacifica Affiliates Alliance
Producer, KMUD, Garberville, California(Note: this is the second of three e-mails regarding
Affiliate representation on the Pacifica National Board.)


Marty Durlin, KGNU Station Manager

I first became a volunteer at a community radio station in 1972, and through the years, I have served in both paid and unpaid positions as music programmer, public affairs producer, volunteer coordinator and news director. I've been in my current position as KGNU Station Manager since 1987. I love community radio, first and foremost because it allows for creativity and autonomy for programmers; because it offers diverse views and independent voices; and because as long as the door remains open, you never know who will walk through it.

As co-founder of the Grassroots Radio Coalition and its annual conferences (GRC9 coming up June 24-27 hosted by KCSB in Santa Barbara), I am committed to fostering cooperation among community stations and encouraging collaborative projects. Although we have made progress in working together, there is much more we can do collectively that will strengthen our stations and our audiences in communities across the country.

I see serving on Pacifica's board of directors as one way to accomplish this.

My life's work was informed and inspired by Pacifica Radio, even before I knew about it. Within community radio, Lew Hill's vision has evolved to include the principle of volunteer involvement in every aspect of operation. Within Pacifica, the vision has been pushed and pulled over the years, but it remains a brilliant ideal in the world of commercially driven, corporate owned media. It's worth fighting for, and those of us who fought for it have an opportunity to recreate it in its own image, to work toward a Pacifica whose original vision is fulfilled on behalf of peace, justice, creativity and -- lest we forget -- communication.

I have no illusions about how much an affiliate representative may accomplish on the Pacifica board, but I believe a community radio perspective at the board level will strengthen the Pacifica network.
Marty Durlin
Station Manager
KGNU, Boulder, Colorado
marty @ kgnu.org


Vicki Santa, WMNF-FM Station Manager

My name is Vicki Santa, and I am the Station Manager at WMNF-FM Community Radio in Tampa, Florida.

I have been the station manager for 4 years, Development Director for two years before that, and an active volunteer for a decade prior to coming on staff. I am responsible to the Board of Directors for the daily operation and management of the station, its assets and resources. I served as a volunteer representative to the Board before joining the staff, having been active both behind the scenes and on-air. I came to community radio from a background working in construction management in the for-profit sector, while volunteering my time and energy to the station in my free time.

I have been active in the NFCB since my days as a station volunteer, and in the Grassroots Radio Coalition since 1998. In the last few years I have been active in the loose group of affiliate stations, community stations throughout the country carrying Pacifica's programs and working towards the same or similar mission goals. In accordance with the By-Laws documents recently passed, we have formed an association, called the Pacifica Affiliates Alliance, to bring forward nominees to the Pacifica Board. We hope in this way to help the Pacifica National Board and the Pacifica stations get to know affiliates better, and to facilitate communication among and between affiliates.

As a representative of affiliate stations, I believe I can help bring to Pacifica's decision-making process the voice of "the rest of Pacifica" . We out here-our stations and our listeners--are Pacifica, too. This network is such a precious resource, has done so much good work and can continue to do so much more. We'd like to be part of finding ways for Pacifica to grow and thrive; to deliver our collective and individual messages to broader audiences, to fill in the gaps between existing affiliate stations with more affiliates. I want a strong Pacifica that will continue the work of the first 50+ years. I'd appreciate the opportunity to be of service to this larger community that includes WMNF.

Our Mission:
WMNF is a non-commercial community radio station that celebrates local cultural diversity and
is committed to equality, peace and social and economic justice. WMNF provides broadcasts and
creates other forums to serve the community by the exposure and sharing of these values.

WMNF was established in 1979; we're celebrating 25 years of service this year. WMNF has been a Pacifica Affiliate for over 20 years. We have been proud to carry the programming provided by the network; our community welcomes the programming and has supported it.

Our membership now tops 9000 proud listener-supporters; our weekly cume is about 100,000. Our annual budget is $1.1 million. 70% of our budget comes from listener support, primarily on-air fundraising; we do 17 days on air annually to meet this goal. We have a paid staff of 16 (12 full-time, 4 part time), and more than 250 active volunteers. WMNF instituted a living wage policy in 2001. Our Board of Directors (18) is elected from community applicants (12), station volunteers (5) and staff (1).

WMNF has an eclectic schedule of music and public affairs, including Democracy Now!, Explorations, Counterspin and Radio Nation. Most of our programming - including all of our music programming - is locally produced by nearly 100 volunteer programmers. Music on our airwaves ranges from polka to metal, bluegrass to blues, and most everything in between.

In January, 2003, WMNF began airing a one-hour, locally-produced daily newscast each weekday evening, engaging the energy of paid news staff, producers, volunteers and community members.

WMNF will bring nearly 50 live music shows to the Tampa Bay area this year; our concert series focuses on new and emerging artists in many genres, along with "WMNF favorites" - artists who started out as new and are now "old friends". Thousands of people attend our concerts every year.

We are in the middle of a major capital campaign to build a brand new home for WMNF; our fundraising goal is $2.2 million; we have raised nearly $1.5 million, most of it through gifts of $1000 from nearly 1000 individuals and small businesses in our community. Construction is expected to start in early March.

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