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Pacifica National Finance Committee —
notes of recent meetings

The national finance committee (NFC) is currently the most active part of Pacifica's national board (PNB). It meets every 2-3 weeks by phone.

For unofficial notes and summaries of recent NFC meetings, click on the links below:

12/28/04 NFC notes
1/11/05 NFC notes
2/4/05 NFC notes
2/18/05 NFC notes
3/4/05 NFC notes
3/11/05 NFC notes (with administrative council)

For the audio archive of these and other Pacifica meetings, go to kpftx.org.

Two major focuses of the committee in recent months are implementation of transparency resolutions by the PNB and WBAI's financial situation.

More detail on implementation of PNB resolutions: On 12/20/04, the PNB passed six resolutions directing management to provide financial information to the PNB and its committees. (To see the resolutions, click here.) The requested information includes monthly reports of the names of all persons paid by the station and how much they were paid, monthly membership and fund drive reports, monthly explanations of variances between budgeted and actual spending, and other items.

As of 2/18/05, none of the requested information had been provided. Instead, management sent a letter explaining why not and requested a meeting with the NFC on 3/11 to discuss their issues with implementation of these resolutions. PNB members finally received some of the requested information around 3/7/05. However, at the 3/11/05 meeting it was reported that the ED was placing a moratorium on financial requests.

This turn of events raises fundamental questions regarding management's freedom to ignore PNB resolutions and commitment to financial transparency.

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