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Did they surrender yet?

Reportedly the so-called Pacifica national board was supposed to have had a conference call meeting this past Wednesday(11-28) to voluntarily resign and re-constitute with a different make-up as an interim national board with the task of re-aligning the Pacifica foundation with it's mission and democratizing it as well within the year. ( see the proposal ) There is no report of anything having taken place as of yet. The 2 week period that the PNB agreed to act within is up this Sunday December 2nd.

There was one small item posted on the Goodlight discussion board
( http://www.goodlight.net/wbai ). See below.

Roger M


Safe to leave your computer
No PNB >>iPNB mtg tda
Wed Nov 28 09:34:07 2001

Cagan to Maitland abt 8:45: Dissidents will speak to Farrell today. Perhaps telephone board meeting by middle of next week (to drop dead weight--my words) and then actual working meeting.


Pacifca Campaign Report

From Juan Gonzalez
Coordinator Pacifica Campaign

Dear Friends,

It's been two weeks since the Washington National Board meeting approved by unanimous vote a plan to end the crisis now crippling the Pacifica Radio network. Even though some in the Pacifica reform movement were unhappy with the accord, the 5-5-5 deal promised to mark an imperfect but important turning point in the history of the network.

We now learn that this second agreement is now being renegotiated by the board majority and is not at all settled. This is outrageous.

There have already been two negotiations that reached agreement on a transitional solution. First, there were the Bay Area mediation sessions where Pacifica board chair Bob Farrell and board member Marion Barry, claiming to speak for the board majority, reached a settlement with litigants for the reform movement. Barry even trumpeted the deal on KPFA in early November.

That settlement was summarily rejected by intransigent board majority members who met in Washington over the Nov. 17 weekend, after which hours of new talks took place between dissident board members and those representing the majority. A new "agreement" was reached and unanimously approved.

For members of the Pacifica board majority to again hold up this second agreement by trying to get a better "deal" is taking things too far.

I can understand old board members not wanting to resign from the board without getting law suits against them dropped. But if they chose not to attend the board meeting or to participate by phone or proxy, that is their problem, not ours. Still, I am sure that if they wish to step down from the Pacifica Board, they will be dropped from all the lawsuits. If others, like Pacifica board secretary John Murdock, have had a change of heart, and wish to renegotiate while the network collapses, he too should just resign.

We in the staff of the Pacifica Campaign will not sit by watching these people fiddle away as the network falls apart. As you know by our messages to the movement, I and the campaign staff have been big supporters of negotiations -- but never endless negotiations. And certainly not negotiations which only lead to agreements which are not honored by the board majority.

If in the next few days the entire Pacifica Board does not approve the transition plan as voted on at the Washington meeting (or a variation on that plan that acceptable to the reform movement), we will urge all supporters of the campaign to use whatever peaceful means are available to hold board members personally responsible for their inaction. We will resume fully the campaign to secure their immediate resignations.

In the coming days, we will be announcing new plans and new demonstrations against this reckless Board majority. If we have to picket them on Christmas Eve, Kwanza, Hanukah, or any other holiday, we will -- whatever it takes to get them to understand the time has come end this fight.


Juan Gonzalez