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Ethnicity of Pacifica listening areas

From: James Ross
Date: Tue Jan 14, 2003 12:37 pm
Subject: [Bylaws] Part 4: Fifty Percent vs. Sixty Plus: The Truth About Diversity Requirements


Here is the workup I did of the census data from the signal areas, attached as an Excel file [ converted to html below ]. It addresses race/ethnicity in all five areas.

These figures are not corrected for census undercount. How does one do that? From Leslie's report on KPFK, it appears that this is about a 1% correction. Also, the KPFT signal area was difficult to interpret on the FCC site.

This effort was prompted by the 60% plus proposal from Leslie Radford and Rafael Renteria. Now it might be something of a moot point, since diversity criteria pose legal problems. But anyway...

If there are any problems with this file, let me know and I'll send it to you directly--I'm at jross@LDEO.columbia.edu.

James Ross [ WBAI area ]


Ethnicity of Pacifica listening areas
station African American/ black Hispanic/ Latino Asian white (non-Hispanic/ Latino) other/ residual
kpfa 8.3% 19.3% 18.2% 50.0% 4.2%
wbai 19.6% 20.8% 8.0% 49.9% 1.7%
kpfk 7.8% 40.8% 11.2% 37.6% 2.6%
wpfw 29.9% 8.4% 7.7% 51.6% 2.3%
kpft 18.5% 32.9% 5.1% 42.1% 1.4%

The first four categories, African-American, black; Hispanic/Latino; Asian; and white (non Hispanic/Latino) accurately reflect the census information for these categories.

"People of color" is 100% minus white (non-Hispanic/Latino).

"other/residual" is 100% minus the sum of the first four categories. It does not accurately reflect the combination of other races and people of more than one race, and so should not be used for interpretation.

The reason is that there may be overlap between "Hispanic/Latino," and "African-American black" or "Hispanic/Latino" and "more than one race."






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