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Pacifica bylaws revision process info

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Court Confirms ratification of new Pacifica bylaws
Court documents and report


Pacifica bylaws, articles of incorporation and mission statement
Various bylaw/governance proposals
6-19-03: Bylaws Drafts A, B, and C
6-19-03: Draft comparison grid (and Fertig's draft A, B, C comparison)

9-12-03: Pacifica in court over bylaws, elections schedule
9-9-03: iPNB meeting: Commentary and minutes - Pacifica hijacked again?
9-8-03: National Elections Supervisor appointed
9-5-03: Petition for Pacifica elections now
9-5-03: Request to iPNB for a strong elections support resolution
9-2-03: minutes: special iPNB meeting to set elections schedule
8-26-02: Request for special iPNB meeting to set elections schedule
8-25-03: An overview of the adopted Pacifica bylaws

8-23-03: KPFK LAB approves Pacifica bylaws 12-11
  The required approval of 2/3rds of the iPNB and 3 of 5 LABs has now been achieved.
  Meeting audio at: http://www.kpftx.org
    • NOTICE of new Pacifica bylaws
    • new Pacifica bylaws
    • Pacifica bylaws committee chair statement
    • settlement agreement [mandating this bylaws revision]

8-18-03: iPNB Chair's notes from bylaws mediation in Chicago
8-4-03: KPFK LAB fails to hold bylaws revote. Audio on archive page at: http://www.kpftx.org
8-3-03: Ed Herman Supports ratifying Pacifica bylaws Draft B
7-29-03: NYC Indymedia center article on Pacifica
7-27-03: August iPNB meeting postponed. Bylaws negotiation meeting scheduled
7-22-03: WBAI LAB votes no on bylaws - makes resolution
7-13-03:L.I. and N.J. Friends of WBAI ask LAB to ratify Pacifica bylaws Draft B
7-9-03: WPFW LAB rejects Draft B
7-9-03: KPFT and KPFA LABs ratify draft B
7-8-03: Pacifica elections primer

    • A few overviews - KPFA report transcript added 7-9-03
    • Court documents presented at 7-8-03 hearing

6-26-03: interim Pacifica national board bylaws meeting - NOTES
6-25-03: KPFK LAB endorses bylaws draft B
6-25-03: New website for Pacifica statistics: http://www.pacificalabs.org/Pacifica
6-21-03: Call to action: endorsements for bylaws Draft B (updated 6-25-03)
6-21-03: The bylaws debate at Pacifica
6-20-03: Repsonse to message sent to Pacifica affiliates regarding bylaws
6-19-03: In Favor of bylaws draft A
6-18-03: iPNB approves 6-26-03 conference call vote on bylaws - audio: http://www.kpftx.org
6-11-03: Diversity Language committee: "minority report"
6-10-03: Diversity Language committee proposal and bylaws draft B side by side
6-9-03: In Favor of bylaws draft B
6-9-03: Lani Guinier comments regarding Diversity language committee draft
6-9-03: iPNB teleconference Draft minutes
6-6-03: Cynthia McKinney on Proportional Representation
6-6-03: KPFA Station Board reaffirms its support of Draft B
6-6-03: Diversity Language committee: final draft
6-4-03: Responses to Lawyer Lubell's review of Diversity language committee draft
6-2-03: Lawyer Lubell's review of Diversity language committee draft
5-31-03: Diversity Language committee: Documents sent to the lawyers
5-26-03: Rosenberg's DLC lawyer: conflict of interest?
5-20-03: Draft Language: Fertig's update
5-20-03: Draft Language: Hamanaka interpetation and discussion
5-17,25-03: KPFK Bylaws Subcommittee proposed changes to draft
5-15-03: New diversity bylaw language idea - From Spooner
5-15-03: KPFA and KPFT LABs endorse bylaws draft B
5-14-03: Diversity Language committee: Draft Language re: Bylaws
5-14-03: Diversity Language committee: draft minutes
5-6-03: Pacifica Diversity Language Committee: lawyer's proposed language
5-6-03: Responses to lawyer's diversity language draft
5-6-03: Local station area elections coordinators appointed
4-22-03: Proportional respresentation voting in the upcoming Pacifica elections
4-18-03: MEETING NOTES: iPNB teleconference to vote on proposed bylaws
4-18-03: iPNB secretary draft minutes
4-24-03: Is there anything wrong with appointed seats?
4-20-03: Are diversity bylaws risky?
4-19-03: Has the NYC "Unity Caucus" hijacked Pacifica?
4-18-03: iPNB teleconference to vote on proposed bylaws
4-18-03: 4-18-03: WBAI LAB proposal and accusations
4-6-03: Pacifica National Elections Coordinator Hired
4-6-03: iPNB member in L.A. supports passing bylaws
3-29-03: Pacifica diversity bylaw committee: related documents
3-10-03: iPNB Secretary Spooner's L.A. meeting notes and bylaws changes
2-28-03: "Corrected Final Draft" Proposed revision of Pacifica bylaws [180 kb html]
3-5-03: Proposed affirmative action policy from Carol Spooner
3-3-03:Notice of 3-4-03 iPNB phone bylaws meeting
3-3-03: WBAI LAB Affirmative Action statement and proposal
3-3-03: A few responses to WBAI LAB Affirmative Action statement and proposal
2-21-03: "Final Draft" Proposed revision of Pacifica bylaws [ 164kb html]
2-18-03: iPNB bylaws phone meeting minutes
2-11-03: New Pacifica bylaws draft [ 132kb html]
2-14-03: 2-14-03: iPNB bylaws phone meeting minutes
2-14-03: Notice: iPNB bylaws phone meeting
2-7-03: Revised bylaws completion timeline
1-31-03: iPNB bylaws revision committee meeting - draft minutes
1-31-03: iPNB bylaws revision committee meeting
1-26-03: The bylaws draft: Responses and resolutions
1-17-03: Revised and legally reviewed draft of proposed Pacifica bylaws
1-14-03: Ethnicity figures of Pacifica listening areas
1-12-03: The 5 LABs vote on bylaws
1-9-03: Proposed diversity requirements and the law
1-3-03: Judge grants deadline extension
1-3-03: iPNB personel committee meeting audio: http://www.kpftx.org
12-21-02: Bylaws revision items for the 5 LABs
12-28-02: WPFW LAB vote on bylaws
11-24-02: Bylaws drafts consolidation - revised in Houston [159kb MS Word doc]
9-13-02: The KPFA model for local station board elections
12-17-02: WBAI LAB meeting audio and notes
12-15-02: Wonderwheel essay on community radio democracy
12-11-02: Race and Population Distribution in the WBAI Signal Area
12-11-02: The KPFA LAB votes on bylaws
12-5-02: petition from the WBAI area "unity caucus"
12-3-02: Five LAB votes on elections models
12-3-02: 2 WBAI lab members' statements supporting the constituency model
12-2-02: Zakiya bylaws draft - from WPFW area
11-29-02: How the KPFA elections model works
11-29-02: Hybrid elections proposal - final version
11-27-02: iPNB bylaws chair votes no on "hybrid" proposal
11-26-02: Revised Hybrid model is illegitimate
11-25-02: Hybrid elections proposal - revised
11/22-24/02: Houston iPNB bylaws meeting: notes, docs and audio,
11-20-02: straw polls favor the KPFA elections model - twice
11-13-02: Pacifica bylaws drafts consolidation - revised
9-8-02: Pacifica bylaws revision draft comparison grid [ 205 kb ]
9-8-02: The 5 main bylaws drafts [drafts A - E ]
11-20-02: WBAI area "Unity Caucus" responds to criticism of constituency model
11-20-02: Resolution re: WBAI on-air hosts on PNB
11-17-02: A view from the LAB minority on the constituency model of elections
11-9-02: WBAI bylaws committee wants KPFA model
11-9-02: EDITORIAL: The WBAI LAB and proposed elections policies
11-9-02: Revised constituency model
11-10-02: Spooner analysis of Revised constituency model
11-8-02: Repost: Petition for unified election procedures at Pacifica
11-8-02: Documents presented to the WBAI LAB 11-5-02
11-8-02: Reaction to the 11-5-02 WBAI LAB straw poll re: constiuency model
11-2-02: Improving diversity in the KPFA elections model
10-30-02: Single transferable voting fractions explained
9-13-02: Proportional Representation - made easy
10-22-02: iPNB Bylaws Straw Poll votes in D.C. - Oct. 13-14
11-9-02: Constituency model difficulties
10-26-02: The Pacifica Mission: what does it mean?
10-24-02: Qualifications for local and national board members?
10/13-14/02: DC iPNB bylaws meeting: notes, docs and audio
10-13-02: Revised proposed pacifica statement of principles - revised
10-13-02: New WPFW Proposal To Determine Membership and LAB composition
10-13-02: WPFW bylaw proposal regarding station boards
10-10-02: Small national straw poll on bylaws
10-9-02: some response to statement of principles
10-8-02: Proposed Pacifica statement of principles - revised
10-8-02: A critique of the Constituency Model
10-7-02: Petition and statements for unified election policy
10-7-02: Straw polls: Points of Unity at KPFT and KPFK
9-24-02: iPNB bylaws straw polls summary
9-24-02: Proposal for a Pacifica bylaws convention
9-20-02: Bylaws revision mini convention in Houston
9-19-02: Constiuency/Inclusion model Pre bylaws draft and station board chart
9-8-02: Carol Spooner: Local verses national power
9-5-02: WBAI bylaws revision subcommittee straw polls as presented to iPNB
9-3-02: WBAI area "Unity Caucus" request 2 hours at upcoming iPNB meeting
9-2-02: Recent interim Pacifica National board meetings audio
9-1-02: Notes from iPNB bylaws revision meeting
9-1-02: KPFK Bylaws Revision Subcommittee: 2 resolutions
8-29-02: Proposed bylaws to prevent takeover through elections
8-29-02: KPFK subcommittee proposal
8-27-02: Proposed compromise of relative powers of Local and National Boards
8-26-02: Audio of WBAI PD hosted bylaws show
8-23-02: WBAI Pacifica bylaws revision sub-committee straw polls-updated
8-22-02: Decentralization: How radical is bylaws draft B?
8-17-02: KPFA Diversity Committee Votes Support for annotated draft B
8-15-02: Pacifica management ethnic makeup
8-15-02: A Policy Governance model for organizations
8-16-02: Response to revised inclusion/constiuency model
8-13-02: Weisgal bylaws draft based on drafts A and B
8-13-02: Pacifica bylaws revision on-air coverage at WBAI 99.5fm
8-12-02: Annotated version of Pacifica Bylaws working draft B
8-12-02: KPFT bylaws outline
8-12-02: KPFK bylaws revision programming moves forward
8-12-02: Inclusion/constituency model refined
8-7-02: Bylaws revision procedure update
8-6-02: Blanchet comparison chart for the 2 Pacifica bylaws drafts
8-6-02: KPFK, WBAI - bylaws programming distress
8-1-02: Beek overview of the 2 Pacifica bylaws drafts
7-27-02: constituency models verses subscriber models, and some response
7-25-02: 2 bylaws drafts from Pacifica bylaws revision committee
7-22-02: CPR constituency model outline
7-20-02: Bylaws revision committee chair comments on Inclusion Model
7-18-02: Pacifica bylaws revision on-air coverage
7-7-02: A Model of Inclusion (constituency model updated)
7-5-02: WBAI bylaws revision sub-committee straw polls summary
6-23-02: Bylaws revision report - iPNB meeting, Berkeley
6-20-02: legal definition of a "Member" in CA
6-20-02: A Pro and Con for Direct Listener-Sponsor Elections
6-17-02: KPFK bylaws revisions subcommittee meeting notes
6-16-02: KPFK proposal for bylaws revision on-air coverage
6-9-02: KPFK bylaws subcommitee: "no appointed seats"
6-3-02: Choice voting explanation and glossary
5-30-02: Pacifica Bylaws revision "bullet points" [ revised 6-1-02 ]
5-28-02: The constituency model
5-28-02: Some responses to the constituencey model
5-27-02:May 31st deadline altered
5-21-02: Constituency model proposal discussion outline
5-12-02: Proposal for bylaws revision on-air reports
5-11-02: A report of KPFK Bylaws Subcommittee meeting
5-7-02: Online audio of recent governance discussions on WBAI
5-1-02: Andy Norris on rules governing LABs
4-23-02: Andy Norris's presentation notes on Local Advisory Boards role and function
4-22-02: Democracy, diversity and the "KPFA model"
4-19-02: some constiuency model talk
4-15-02: Who gets to vote? Defining Pacifica may be the key
4-12-02: WBAI bylaws revision sub-committee main info
4-11-02: 4-11-02 WBAI bylaws committee meeting and process info
3-7-02: Spooner's proposed process for creating new bylaws

wbai bylaws revision subcommittee minutes and audio
10-22-02: meeting notes  
8-20-02: meeting notes  
8-14-02: meeting notes  
7-22-02: meeting notes  
6-4-02: minutes (36kb)  
5-21-02: minutes (30kb)  
5-14-02: minutes (33kb)  
5-9-02: minutes (21kb)  
4-23-02: minutes (46kb)  
4-16-02: minutes (70kb) audio: www.radio4all.net/proginfo.php?id=4615
4-11-02: minutes  
4-2-02: minutes  

WBAI sub-committee Co- Chairs:
Ray Laforest - Raylaforest@mindspring.com  
Janice K. Bryant [ Resigned? ] - jbryant@essence.com

WBAI bylaws revision subcommitee HOT LINE NUMBER: (212) 209-2960

The WBAI subcommittee bylaws revision discussion list

The Pacifica bylaws revision discussion list:
more info

Bylaws revision comments to the interim Pacifica National Board:

Another bylaws revision discussion list

bylaws committee meeting ultimate objectives
From Carol Spooner - chair of the national board bylaws revisions committee
Bylaws revision section of the Pacifica website
A prime source for bylaws revision materials (KPFA area)
4-10-02: new NYC area bylaws revision materials and process source
1999: recommended proposal reading referred by Carol Spooner
A template for writing bylaws
WBAI LAB exploratory committee meeting notes
Bylaws revision brainstorming meetings in February 2002
Center for Voting and Democracy.
Proportional Representation Library. Proportional representation, the form used at KPFA and much more. See the "Beginning Readings" link.

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