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Long Island and New Jersey Friends of WBAI ask the local advisory board to ratify Pacifica bylaws Draft B

Overviews of 7-8-03 Pacifica Bylaws Hearing results
settlement agreement
6-19-03 bylaws drafts


From: peace1064@aol.com
Subject: Long Island Friends of WBAI and WBIX asks WBAI LAB to Ratify B

Dear Friends,

The Long Island Friends of WBAI and WBIX endorsed plan B for the by-laws at its July 12, 2003 voting 8-0 in favor of the plan for the following rreasons:

1) Not accepting plan B would plunge Pacifica in uncharted territory. It will give an excellent opportunity to the hijackers to try to regain control of the Foundation. We are in danger of loosing the only progressive voice in the air while quarreling over who promotes more "diversity".

2) The prolonged controversy inside Pacifica regarding the different plans is diverting resources, time and effort from the main tasks. The Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Ashcroft gang is implementing its plan to build the Empire and a police state inside the country. The fight should be centered on trying to reverse those plans.

3) Supporting plan B will enable us, listeners and members of the station, to regain control of the station instead of having the control in the hands of a judge.

4) When plan B is finally adopted we will have local democratic elections and then we can all, as brothers and sister, devote our time and efforts to the real and urgent tasks of the progressive agenda: reach out to all the diverse communities with our message of peace and social and economic justice. We should integrate those communities not only in the Boards of the radio, we should integrate them in the fight for real equality in the society, eliminating all types of discrimination against any human being.


Jim Krivo chairperson, Long Island Friends of WBAI and WBIX


From: Paul Surovell
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2003 18:05:21 -0000
Subject: New Jersey Steering Comm asks WBAI LAB to Ratify B

The New Jersey Concerned Friends of WBAI steering committee passed the following resolution 9-0 at its July 13, 2003, monthly meeting:

(1) Diversity is an essential part of the Pacifica Mission and we pledge ourselves to actively work for a diverse candidate pool and outcome in the coming local station board election;

(2) We recognize the merits of the optional Pacifica bylaws plans A, B, and C but we note that Plan B has been adopted by the interim Pacifica National Board, with virtually no support for plans A and C;

(3) Failure to ratify Plan B by 3 LABs, as required in the settlement agreement, will create further turmoil within Pacifica and place the foundation in jeopardy. We take note of the July 8, 2003, court motion by former Pacifica hijacker Ken Ford to put Pacifica into receivership;

(4) Bylaws adopted now can be amended later;

(5) We urge the WBAI LAB to take action to assure the continued existence of Pacifica: Please ratify the bylaws approved by the interim Pacifica National Board;

The survival of WBAI and Pacifica may well depend on this.

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