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Responses to the lawyer's current bylaws draft
beginning 1-18-03

• 2-11-03: The lawyer's 2nd bylaws draft

Responses to the 2nd draft
2-12-03: Various contributers


• 1-17-03 The lawyer's bylaws draft and letter

Several bylaws diversity section propoposals
2-12-03: Diallo Kantambu - KPFT LAB, Gregory Wonderwheel -KPFA area, KPFA LAB
Repsonse to WBAI/Rosenberg analysis plus Rosenberg's response
2-6-03: Gregory Wonderwheel - KPFA area / Mimi Rosenberg - WBAI area
WBAI LAB resolution and legal memo
2-4-03: Mimi Rosenberg and the WBAI LAB
Proposed Language for Bylaws Diversity Section
1-30-03: Diallo Kantambu - KPFT LAB
Suggestions from fairvoteca.org
1-28-03: Steve Chessin of Californians for Electoral Reform
Bylaws draft issues from iPNB and LABs
1-26-03: Itemized information from Carol Spooner chair of the iPNB bylaws revisions committee
Proposal for Diversity in Bylaws and Affirmative Action Plan in Policy
1-25-03: Gregory Wonderwheel - KPFA area
Proposals for dealing with unaccountable power
1-24-03: Carl Gunther - KPFK area
NYC "Unity Caucus" and Bob Lederer
Proposed bylaws elections section improvements
1-21-03: Larry Romsted, Eve Moser - WBAI area
Opinions in contradiction to draft lawyer
1-18-03: Rafael Renteria and Leslie Radford - KPFK area

The lawyer's bylaws draft
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