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Pacifica Diversity bylaw committee related documents
Feb. - May, 2003

Proposed Pacifica bylaws [4-2-03]
Audio of Diversity Language Committee at kpftx.org
• Diversity committee discussion list: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Pacifica_Diversity/


6-11-03: Diversity Language committee: "minority report"

6-10-03: Diversity Language committee proposal and bylaws draft B side by side

6-9-03: Lani Guinier comments regarding Diversity language committee draft

6-6-03: Diversity Language committee: final draft

6-4-03: Responses to Lawyer Lubell's review of Diversity language committee draft

6-2-03: Lawyer Lubell's review of Diversity language committee draft

5-31-03: Diversity Language committee: Documents sent to the lawyers

5-26-03: Rosenberg's DLC lawyer: conflict of interest?

5-20-03: Draft Language: Fertig's update

5-20-03: Draft Language: Hamanaka interpetation and discussion

5-15-03: New diversity bylaw language idea - From Spooner

5-14-03: Diversity Language committee: Draft Language re: Bylaws

5-14-03: Diversity Language committee: draft minutes

5-9-03: Fertig's Proposed diversity bylaw language

5-8-03: Rosenberg/Hamanaka Proposed diversity bylaw language

5-6-03: Pacifica Diversity Language Committee: lawyer's proposed language

5-6-03: Responses to lawyer's diversity language draft

4-3-03: Proposed diversity bylaw language [by Diallo ]

3-29-03: "Majority report"

3-29-03: "Minority report" [ WBAI area ]

3-24-03: Some meeting notes - Romsted [ WBAI area ]

3-24-03: Rosenberg [ WBAI ] proposition

3-3-03: A response to Rosenberg Afirmative Action 2-28-03 proposal

2-28-03: Proposed Affirmative Action bylaw - Rosenberg [ adopted by WBAI LAB ]

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