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Ed Herman Supports ratifying Pacifica bylaws Draft B

KPFK LAB has received 309 emails urging them to re-vote and pass the Pacifica bylaws at their Aug 4 meeting, 18 against. If the the KPFK LAB votes in favor of the bylaws then the requirement of 2/3 iPNB and 3 of 5 LABs approval will have been met.


From: Ed Herman

August 3, 2003

To whom it may concern:

Four reasons why I think it would be a serious mistake for Pacifica supporters to fail to give their support to Plan B:

1. Acceptance of Plan B would end the turmoil over rules and control, with an eminently reasonable and very democratic electoral system. If it is rejected, what will happen in mediation and the judge's ruling is not clear, so it seems foolish to reject a good system in favor of turmoil and uncertainty that could at best only land us back in Plan B.

2. While there is undoubtedly racism within Pacifica audiences and staff, this is hardly news and is really irrelevant to evaluating Plan B. Plan B provides for a Committee of Inclusion and other explicit principles protective of diversity, and it has proportional voting which will allow minorities to obtain representation. Anything beyond this would be unjustifiable and possibly illegal. I say this as a passionate believer in affirmative action.

3. Any plan that provides for direct selection of board or LAB representatives by a COI or otherwise is objectionable, possibly illegal, and seems to me a device designed to protect vested interests and that threatens us with more Pat Scotts, Ken Fords, Barnstones and the like.

4. Acceptance of Plan B now would compel the disbanding of the interim board, and therefore get rid of that old guard that still commands power. Failing to accept continues their power, which may or may not be ended in any mediated or judge-made outcome.

In sum, I think a defeat of Plan B would be destructive and dangerous for the future of Pacifica.

Edward S. Herman

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