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interim Pacifica national board phone meeting
regarding approval of bylaws

Current Pacifica bylaw drafts
iPNB secretary draft minutes
• meeting audio to be posted on kpftx.org

[Rough notes by Roger M, NYC ]


Meeting starts 3:10pm eastern time

Chair Cagan - 10 on call. Everyone has packets with all
bylaws materials. 

Runs down possible agenda:
Approving minor changes to Articles of inc., Spooner motion to 
set up legal fund to protect against bylaws etc challenges.

Soon there are 14 iPNB members on the call:

Lee [comes in later ]

Fertig - moves that Articles of Inc. be done last and explains
technical reasons - agreed

Spooner presents motion - 

$100,000(20 from each station) 
legal defense fund in case of legal challenges to
divsersity bylaws. To be returned to the stations
if not used within 2 years.

Bryant n
Spooner y
Barnstone y
Bramson y
Fertig y
Robinson n
Ferguson n
Allen a
LaForest n
Smith n
Cagan y
Zakiya n
Barry n


Barry(?) and LaForest do not want to move forward with 
bylaws approval saying that
materials/drafts that Spooner has presented 
were done improperly...language refined by her and 
only a few people... 

LaForest - diversity committee hasn't had proper amount of time...

Fertig - gives rundown of the process over the last few weeks 
of people trying to get things done etc...

Barry - should be time for the diversity committee to 
review and vote on the draft language that Spooner and
others had come up with...

Spooner - the diversity bylaws committee "majority" and 
"minority" reports came in without any actual bylaws language.
She drafted language and repeatedly tried to get feedback
from the committed members finally getting feedback from 4. 
The results were published and there hasn't been
any objections from majority report people..

Bryant - liked Mimi Rosenberg's [WBAI area]late proposal that 
there be bylaws language requiring that the local boards 
should directly reflect the demographics of 
their listener area

LaForest - the diversity process was flawed, too rushed
wants more time, has volunteer lawyers

Lee - supports more time

Spooner - agrees that legal opinion on latest diversity 
language is important

Allen - could we possibly pass draft A now to get elections
process rolling and put in other language later?

Lee - opposed

Cagan - agrees

Fertig - [ with interruptions from Lee ] concerned with what 
is practical within Pacifica's current political environment.
Wants something that will have a real consensus...
Explains the stages of development and mechanics 
of the current diversity bylaws language.
Bryant's (Rosenberg's)demographic proposal is very problematic.
The diversity bylaw language in draft A puts a mechanical 
solution on top of the proportional representation...

Bryant - demographics don't pass legal muster?

Fertig - if they are applied broadly they would, 
applied specifically no.

Bryant - demographics approach was abandoned because the 
diversity bylaws committee could not reach agreement 
on how to apply it...

Barry - Moves to further delay bylaws approval 
to give diversity 14 - 21 more days to complete process 
more thoroughly

Spooner - request that "specific bylaws language" 
be required as the end product and that legal advice
must be part of the process.

...various clarifying questions and refining of motion

Allen - thanks Spooner for taking the initiative for 
getting the bylaws language straightened out. Asks the 
board members to return calls and discuss the work more
and not wait till meeting.

Spooner - against the motion unless there it includes 
that the legal advice from the lawyers be in writing 
to the iPNB

LaForest - is alright with this...

Barry - accepts

Fertig - there should be a lawyer to stand by the opinion

MOTION - The language goes back to the diversity committee
for 21 days. The committee will produce proposals in bylaws 
language (majority and minority) along with lawyer's advice 
in writing. The iPNB will then convene via teleconference 
on May 20th, 2003 to vote on bylaws.

Bryant y
Spooner y
Barnstone y
Bramson y
Fertig y
Robinson y 
Ferguson y
Allen n
LaForest y
Smith y
Zakiya n
Barry y
Lee y
Cagan y

PASSES 12, 2

Fertig - supports more participation from iPNB on
diversty bylaws committee

Fertig runs down the make up of the diversity bylaws committees:

Diversity bylaws committee:
WBAI - LaForest, Miguel Maldanado, Mimi Rosenberg, Shiela Hamanaka
WPFW - Barry, Fahima Sek, AC Bird [?]
KPFT - Allen, Deb Shafto, Gallo [?]
KPFK - Fertig, Norma Vega, Lydia Brazon
KPFA - Susan DeSilva, Willie Radcliff  Joyce Moore

Allen - We need to pick the lawyers at this meeting
or it won't happen in timely manner

LaForest - runs down lawyers:
Lani Grenier, Ted Shaw, John Lubell

Allen -....

-- Loud electrical interference on phone line --

Lee - wants to join the diversity committee

Allen - disagrees, too many people etc, cumbersome

Fertig - then we'd have to add people from other areas... 

Agreed that Lee and other iPNB members can be non-voting
members of diversity committee

Allen - back to lawyers...

LaForest - all lawyers have agreed to participate, and 
for free.(hasn't spoken to them directly)

Cagan - request that LaForest will personally contact
lawyers to confirm

...discussion regarding lawyers

Cagan - asks Allen to clarify with a motion.....

Allen - wants LaForest to select lawyer and report back...

Fertig - wants to be part of lawyer selection process...

MOTION - LaForest coordinate legal help
for diversity committee


Allen - will be submitting other stuff to iPNB...

...Thanks all around

4:32pm eastern time adjourned in a good mood ...


Current Pacifica bylaw drafts
iPNB secretary draft minutes
• meeting audio to be posted on kpftx.org

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