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New Pacifica bylaws draft [ 132kb html]


Please forward widely ...


The iPNB will meet by telephone conference on Friday, February 14th, at 10 am Pacifica time (noon Central, 1 pm Eastern) to discuss the Pacifica lawyer's 2nd Draft Bylaws.

The meeting will be webcast at www.kpftx.org

A copy of the lawyer's 2nd Draft bylaws has been forwarded for posting at www.pacifica.org, www.wbai.net, and http://kpfk.netskier.net/governance/bylaws/drafts/

Public comments on the draft may be posted to the bylaws discussion board at www.pacifica.org, or the email discussion list at pacificanationalbylaws@yahoogroups.com (to subscribe to this discussion, send a blank email to pacificanationalbylaws-subscribe@yahoogroups.com)

Pacifica's lawyers have called particular attention to the following revised sections of the draft:

"According to our notes, the issue of diversity remains an open topic to be addressed by the Board. We would also like to note that a resolution of the Board will be needed to establish nomination and election timeframes for the transition elections this year of both the Board and the LSBs. Again, we strongly urge each of you to read these Bylaws thoroughly to confirm that they do indeed reflect the intent of this Board.

"Although we encourage you to review all the Sections and revisions, we would like to draw your attentions to the following revised or new sections to confirm that they accurately reflect the intent of the Board: Article 3(8)(E) regarding Single Transferrable voting method; Article 4, Sections 2, 4, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14 regarding issues related to Delegates, their powers and authority and the Instant Runoff voting method; Article 5, Sections 1,2,7,11 regarding Delegate elections; Article 6, Sections 1-5 and 7 regarding composition of the Board and matters related to the election and authority of the Directors; Article 8 regarding Board committees; Article 9 regarding officers, which changes include the use of the title of "Executive Director" in lieu of President and references to a "CFO", in lieu of a "treasurer", consistent with california law and the standard business practice of having a Executive Director and a CFO that are generally employees of the company for which s/he serves, hired to fulfill those duties; and Article 16 regarding amendments to the Bylaws and Articles giving Directors, Delegates and Members the authority within certain parameters to make said amendments.

"As this a draft, between now and the Board telephone conference on Friday regarding this draft, we will continue making minor revisions, i.e. formatting, typographical errors, confirming accurate cross-referencing."

Carol Spooner
Chair, Pacifica Bylaws Revisions Committee

New Pacifica Working Group
http://www.egroups.com/group/NewPacifica 'Save Our Stations!'

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