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iPNB bylaws committee meeting: draft minutes

[ meeting audio: kpftx.org ]

From: Carol Spooner
[Draft] Minutes
Pacifica Foundation Bylaws Revisions Committee
Telephone Conference Meeting Friday, January 31, 2003, 8 PM
Eastern Time

All interim directors were invited to join the meeting There were 10 (out of 15) directors on the call: Leslie Cagan, Teresa Allen, Pete Bramson, Rob Robinson, Janice K. Bryant, Dave Fertig, Charles Smith, George Barnstone, Ray Laforest, and Carol Spooner.

The following resolutions were passed::

-- That the iPNB will review and consider written "second opinions" on the diversity requirements by attorney(s) on behalf of any LABs within the next 7 days (by Friday, February 7th). The board has been informed that the WBAI LAB may obtain an opinion from attorneys associated with MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund), and the KPFA LAB diversity committee may obtain an opinion from an attorney associated with the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights.
Passed: Unanimous

-- That Pacifica's attorney would be asked for a new draft by Friday, February 7th, if possible, and that the new draft not make substantive changes from the board agreements reflected in the Houston bylaws draft. The iPNB agreed to review that draft for two days, without releasing it to the LABs or public, and to meet with the attorney by conference call on the third day (Monday, February 10th) to discuss it prior to public release.
Passed: Unanimous

-- That one board member will handle communications with Pacifica's attorney about the bylaws, Carol Spooner. Comments from other directors should be sent to Carol and she will forward them to the attorney.
For: Bramson, Cagan, Fertig, Smith, Spooner
Against: Allen, Barnstone, Bryant, Robinson
Abstain: Laforest

Respectfully submitted, Carol Spooner

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