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KPFA and KPFT LABs endorse bylaws draft B

From: Ted Friedman
Date: Thu May 15, 2003 3:40 am
Subject: KPFA and KPFT LABs both endorse draft B and only draft B

At their meetings tonight, the KPFA and KPFT LABs both voted to endorse version B of the draft bylaws and only draft B.

~ Ted


Forwarded from Mary Berg [KPFA LAB]

At the KPFA LAB meeting tonite the vote for Draft B was 11 yes, 3 no and 1 abstention. Following is the language of the resolution:

"The KPFA Station Board reaffirms its endorsement of Draft B of the bylaws because it offers strong measures to assure diversity, and we urge the iPNB and other station boards to endorse the draft as well. Draft B was previously accepted by the iPNB in starw votes and it does not raise the legal issues associated with other draft versions of the bylaws. Accordingly, Draft B could be approved by the iPNB and the station boards without requiring further delay in order for it to be reviewed by attorneys.

"Draft B incorporates proportional representation voting which was shown in previous KPFA LAB elections to present an effective remedy for under-representation, provided that a good candidate pool is available.

"We support the Committees of Inclusion (COIs) that are authorized in Draft B to set and monitor diversity goals at each station. But we emphatically reject investing the COIs with powers that would permit them to overrule local station boards or management, and we also oppose allowing the COIs to add seats to the station boards. These powers would transform the COIs into elite governing structures above and beyond review by the elected board. Such powers undermine the principle of listener representation at the stations and the foundation, a principle that all five station boards, the iPNB and listener-sponsors labored long and hard to establish in the bylaws."


The KPFT LAB voted for Plan B as the only draft they will accept by a vote of 7-3-1.

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