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current bylaws draft


Date: Sun, 06 Apr 2003 14:49:39
Subject: Re:Revised Draft Bylaws

Dear friends,

Carol Spooner has, in my considered assessment, done a proper and thorough job in conforming the bylaws to the terms agreed upon by the Bylaws Diversity Language Committee.

Carol's chore was quite difficult and time-consuming, given the fact that the committee had not developed the specific language, section-by-section, to be interposed. Thus the work did require some interpretation, and she asked the committee for help in this. When she got no feedback from any of us she phoned, and I reviewed her draft, offering some guidance to the interpretation where necessary.

While some might have done it differently, I think it was done by Carol correctly. And that is quite remarkable, the chore was both immense and intense. The result is a set of bylaws that in fact contain "requirements." Yet these bylaws also contain mechanisms (proportional voting and committees of inclusion) likely to actually achieve diversity through open and unadjusted elections, but with the safeguard of adding "Diversity Seats" while removing nobody from a duly elected seat.

I urge anyone who would criticize this most recent draft to read them thoroughly before drawing conclusions based upon others' analyses.

The members of the Diversity Language Committee are to be commended for their laborious and often difficult work. Carol is to be commended for her patience, thoroughness and conscientious attention to process and detail.

I once again urge adoption of the bylaws on the table. Further delay is further harm to the institution. Let's get to Elections!

-Dave Fertig

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