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Resolution re: WBAI on-air hosts on PNB

From: Bob Lederer
Date: Thu Nov 21, 2002 12:42 am
Subject: Resolution re: on-air hosts on PNB

The following was adopted recently by the organization which is now recognized by WBAI and Pacifica management as the bargaining agent for the unpaid staff at WBAI.

Other Pacifica-related bodies may want to consider whether to pass similar resolutions.

Bob Lederer


The following resolution was passed by the WBAI's Unpaid Staff Organizing Committee at our last meeting on October 31, 2002

The Pacifica National Board is considering a restriction which requires any on-air Staff member elected to the National Board to resign from their on-air position. WBAI's Unpaid Staff Organizing Committee believes that this restriction concerning Paid or Unpaid Staff running and serving on the National Board is an abridgement of the right of Listeners to vote for their candidate of choice and of Staff to run for office.

Listeners and Staff fought side by side to take back the network. This unity needs to be strengthened for future struggles to preserve progressive radio. Staff contribute their time often free, without any compensation, and often spend their own money to produce programs and provide other necessary services to Pacifica. Further, the experience and knowledge of Staff is necessary to an understanding of the operations of Pacifica toward effective governance of the network. It has long been a basic tenet of progressive thought that workers deserve a voice in the governance of the places where they work. So, in addition to the right to be chosen in an election by listeners without giving up their on-air Staff position, we believe that Staff should be represented on the Pacifica Board by a number of members of their own choosing.

For more information contact Ken Nash - knash@i...

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