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WPFW local advisory board votes on bylaw items

[ Bylaw items that the LABs need to vote on ]

Today, Dec 28, the WPFW LAB had a special meeting on bylaws, had good discussions and voted on a series of aspects of bylaws.

Here are my notes from the discussion and votes:

* In favor of a larger board -- the LAB preferred a 24-member LAB to any lower numbers. This was unanimous.

* The LAB preferred 1/4 staff rep to 1/3 staff rep. (7 wanted 1/4; 3 wanted 1/3; 1 abstained (I believe wanted no staff rep on LAB)). [This would mean a 16 member lower threshold on the LAB rather than 15; but again, the LAB preferred the higher 24 member number.] There was a good discussion here, between staffers and other LAB members, as to the relation of LAB, staff and community.

* The LAB voted unanimously for the 20 member national board in equal number from the stations and a maximum of 3 "at large" seats. The LAB felt there must be recall for all including any at large members, either from the national or from 3 of the LSBs.

* The LAB unanimously voted in favor of proportional representation.

* The LAB voted for the 50% women and 50% people of color criteria. It was suggested that the diversity requirements be more ranges, rather than a min of 50%. The LAB vote on this issue was 8 in favor of the 50% diversity requirements; 1 in favor of ranges; 1 abstention (who I think was against diversity requirements of any sort.)

Note: the LAB did not explicitly discuss the concept of "threshold" for overriding a "natural" vote. Also, I had suggested that the diversity requirements kick in when a "candidate of color" is from an ethnic group not already represented on the LAB (This would be so that DC is not all white and black; that Houston is not all Latino and white, etc.) This was not voted on. There was a sense in the LAB that class and other factors should play a role, but no vote was taken.

-Sam Husseini

[ Bylaw items that the LABs need to vote on ]

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