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Pacifica Bylaws Meeting info

From:Carol Spooner
Subject: 4/11 - WBAI/Pacifica Bylaws Meeting

WBAI/Pacifica Bylaws Revision Committee (BRC)
WBAI - New York City

Tuesday, April 11th, 2002, 6:30 pm
DC 1707, AFSCME 75 Varick St., 14th Floor, NYC
A, C, E, 1 or 2 trains to Canal Street
Co- Chairs - Janice K. Bryant - jbryant@essence.com
and Ray Laforest - Raylaforest@mindspring.com

Proposed Adgenda:

1) Review of minutes from 4/2/02 Bylaws Revision Committee(BRC) meeting.
2) Discussion of role and functions of bylaws
3) Review of national time-frame for discussions.
4) Proposal for NYC discussion schedule. * See below .
5) Substative issue: what is "membership" in the Pacifica Foundation?
6) Announcements.

*Proposal for NYC discussion schedule.

(People are encouraged to look at various models and proposal already in circulation)

-April 11th meeting - "Membership in Pacifica Foundation.

-April 16th Town Hall meeting - What is the electorate, in LAB elections, and how should these elections be conducted?

-April 23rd meeting - Follow-up on town hall meeting and other issues related to LAB functioning:

-Function and power of LABs.
-Should LABs have same election procedures/rules?
-Number of LAB members , term of office
-Removal provisions. Etc...
-April 30th meeting - National Board of Directors:
-Role and function of national board
-Number of directors, how many from each LAB?
-Any appointments?
-Eligibility, term of office, removal provision, ect...

Issues to be considered in May might include:

-Officers/Executive Committee.
-Relation between National Board and Executive Director.
-Financial oversight- role of national board.

VENUES (All meetings start at 6:30 P.M.):

-April 11th - DC 1707, 75 Varick Street (corner Canal Street) - NYC -

-April 16th - Henry Winston Center, 235 W23rd Street (between 7th and 8th Aves) - NYC

-April 23rd - DC 1707, 75 Varick Street, (corner Canal Street) - NYC

- April 30th - Maplewood Memorial Library, Baker Street - Maplewood, NJ (more info will be made available, susequently).


A web page has been developped, specifically for the WBAI Bylaws Revision Committee, by LAB member Andy Norris. The URL is:


You can also find a link to it by going to:

Finally, Concerned Friends of NJ member, Fred Nguyen, has set up a listserve for the committee.

You can join, by sending a blank message to:

You can also check out the list's front page and header by going to:


Please see "Documents for Bylaws Revision Committee" posted at www.pacifica.org ... and print copies for your own reference.
[ and on wbai.net's bylaws, history, and governance proposal pages as well ]
Everyone welcome ... Your ideas are needed.



WBIX radio is gearing up to webcast the second meeting of the WBAI Bylaws Revisions Subcommittee (BRS) this Thursday at 7PM EST.

The listening public from the suburbs and the 5 boroughs can listen to the webcast by logging on with their computer to:


Click on one of the "streams" on the page. Your media player (Real Audio, Windows Media Player or AOL Media Player) will load the stream and you will receive the program with only a 2 minute delay..

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