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Outline for discussing the constiuency
model of representation

From: Anthony Mackall
Date: Fri May 24, 2002 10:12 am
Subject: Outline of Discussion "Constituent Representation...": Attached [below]

The attached "Word" file is NOT a proposal. As stated at the Bylaws Sub-committee Meeting, it was the outline for the discussion of "Constituency Representation at the Local Board Level" .

(For those who received an earlier version of this email, please note that the underlined portions below were added for further clarification.)

It was also noted that the Community For Progressive Radio (CPR) was initiating the discussion in order to (1) share info with the the sub-committee participants regarding the direction in which CPR was moving with respect to the issue of local board representation and elections; and (2) reiterate to the committee how valid and fundamentally progressive it is to incorporate "constituent approaches" into our re-shaping the Pacifica/WBAI governance structures.

Background for Mary and others unaware of earlier constituency discussions:
Over a month ago Mimi Rosenberg made a coherent, articulate presentation on the importance of a constituent-based approach to ...governance. She called on the sub- committee members to form a task force to...seriously consider the issue and to develop a practical model(s). CPR spoke in support of Mimi's "call" and I responded to some questions and comments from the floor. There was no sub-committee decision to form a task force. There has also been no broad participant energy to seriously consider constituent-based approaches.

NOTE: On this listserv, Fred, Lederer and others (I think) have addressed the directly-related question of the necessity of oppressed peoples being/producing their own leaders as well as being thoroughly legitimate leaders in broader-based movements etc.

CPR hopes the discussion will generate substantive interest and critical thought among those who participate in the meetings. This discussion is a second chance of sorts, for the participants in the sub-committee to 'get it right' (smile).

We call for a collaborative process among listeners, station staff and managenent in doing outreach and in designing/implementing a broad, practical constituent-based governance structure(s). We think that such a structure has the greatest capacity to be inclusive, empowering and democratic.

NOTE: Remember, the participating/voting members of "constituencies" ARE LISTENERS who are also members of a set of --listener-identified-- exploited, oppressed, discriminated against and/or underrepresented groups. Listeners voting as members of such constituencies, ALSO would vote for "At-Large" candidates. Those listeners who are not members of one of the other constituent groups, or choose to self-identify solely as listeners, would vote for "geographically determined" AND "At-Large" candidates. All candidates must share a commitment to the Pacifica Mission. If more detailed Principles of Unity are adopted during the bylaws revision process, candidates would also have to commit to those principles.



Pacifica Bylaws Sub-committee Meeting

Discussion Topic:


Discussion Outline

  1. Definitions:
    1. "Constituencies"
    2. "Constituent Representation"
  2. Rationale:
    1. Pacifica/WBAI "Mission" and Politics; Role and Function
    2. The Credibility of Governance Structures that Reflect the Mission and Politics
  3. Description of General Model(s):
    1. Proposed Constituent Categories
      1. 1. Oppressed Communities
        1. Asian
        2. Latino
        3. Native/Indigenous
        4. Immigrant
      2. Staff
        1. Paid
        2. Unpaid
      3. Rank-and-file Labor
      4. Youth
      5. Women
      6. Artist/Arts Community
      7. Disabled
      8. Jailed/Imprisoned
      9. Lesbian, Gay, Trans Gender
      10. Signal Area Listeners
        1. NYC
        2. NJ
        3. LI
        4. Upstate/Conn
        5. At-Large: (Fiscal, Legal, Technical, Devel., Org,)
    2. Representatives Per Category
  4. Participation Processes:
    1. Critical Role of Coordinated Pre-election Outreach
      1. LAB & Listener Roles
      2. Station-Staff (and National) Role(s)
        1. Programming: Educ./Info/Promo
        2. Fulltime Organizer/Liaison
      3. Role of Community-based Organizations, Activists and "leadership"
        1. Credibility/Support/Meaningful Access
      1. Nomination, Candidacy and Election Process
    2. Next Steps:
      1. CPR: Outreach to / Meetings with Community-based Activists/leaders
      2. Collaborate with Sub-committee Participants, other Listeners, LAB, Station, Nat'l Staff and iPNB to "flesh out" and implement a constituent representation model.

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