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Notes from interim Pacifica National board bylaws revision meeting

From: aintmyrtle [Carol Spooner]
Date: Sun Sep 1, 2002 6:15 pm
Subject: Bylaws Board meeting today

For those who were unable to hear the webstream on wbix & radio4houston earlier today ... the iPNB met to discuss how we are going to proceed on the bylaws from now on.

Here is what was decided.

The KPFT subcommittee model forwarded last night (which most of us have not yet read) will be used as a template for a "consolidated" draft model of an entire set of bylaws.

A grid will also be prepared showing the following models side by side -- with equivalent Articles & Sections lined up in parallel -- Revised Draft B, Draft C, and Draft A ... and the model developed by the KPFK subcommittee that was forwarded a week or so ago (it's in the files for this list).

I also believe the board will want to see the "Constiuency Model" language set out in the grid. (Not sure how we're going to do it.)

I am in charge of putting the grid together ...

And all of this must be sent to the full board by next Friday ... Therefore I need the FINAL draft of anything pending out there by Tuesday so that I can prepare the "grid", send it to the other iPNB members for their approval on Wednesday, and they can get back to me with any corrections in time for me to make them by Friday.

I believe the board decided NOT to include the Weisgal draft in the Grid. I don't know if there is YET ANOTHER model coming from LA. If so, you need to get it to me NOW, not next week, or it will not be included.

The board will meet as a "committee of the whole" on Friday, September 20th, to discuss bylaws prior to the bylaws. At that meeting, there will be time for public comment, and time set aside for each of the 5 bylaws subcommittees to make a brief presentation to the board about why the recommend what they do recommend. So each of the 5 committees need to think NOW about who they want to send, and whether they want to present "majority & minority" arguments pro- and-con the various drafts.

There will also be a brief presentation on "Proportional Representation" to educate some of the board members on that voting system.

The rest of the day, the board will go through the grid item by item, asking questions & discussing among ourselves what the various provisions mean & their pros & cons. This is going to be very difficult & detailed work that will require board concentration. It will be open to the public & we will need your cooperation in order for us to get this work done.

The plan is that the board may be able to "cherry pick" sections from the different models that the board favors at the September board meeting ... then send those sections for legal review to make a coherent document with consistent language, etc., and send it out to the LABs to accept or reject.

That's the plan folks.



From: Carol Spooner
Date: Tue Sep 3, 2002 5:11 pm
Subject: Re: Bylaws Revisions/Where the process is headed

To clarify ...
The iPNB on Sunday passed the motion put forward by Rob Robinson (WPFW), Jabari Zakiya (WPFW), George Barnstone (KPFT) & Teresa Allen (KPFT) ... for the KPFT Committee Draft Bylaws to be used as a "consolidated" model or template for laying out sections to be considered in the bylaws. The board also decided that each board member would receive a "grid" showing side by side, section by section, the following bylaws proposals:

WPFW Committee Draft (Draft A)
KPFA Committee Draft (Draft B-revised)
KPFK Fertig Draft (Draft C)
KPFK Committee Draft --
KPFT Committee Draft --

Those are the only bylaws proposals that will be included in the grid. The board will also receive full copies of the above five draft proposals. I'm in the process of preparing the grid as a table (it's tedious, painstaking work & I was up most of the night working on it) ... all of these documents must be in the national office by friday, so that they can copy and collate them and get them in the board packets (along with many other documents) ready to send to the board no later than Tuesday, September 10th (10 days before the board meeting which begins on September 20th).

This grid is a humongous document ... but I will see if we can get it uploaded to the web (that's not my expertise).

Thanks all,

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