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Straw polls: Points of Unity at KPFT and KPFK

From: Larry Romsted
Date: Mon Oct 7, 2002 5:45 pm
Subject: Points of Unity at KPFT and KPFK


I just received the summary below from Bernie Eisenberg in Los Angeles concerning recent straw poll votes taken at KPFT (Houston) and KPFA (Los Angeles) meetings. The are focussed on the powers of the station boards, but other issues such as bylaws convention, representation of people-of-color and women are also addressed.

I am circulating this information because I thought that it would be of direct relevance to the discussion at the WBAI Bylaws Subcommittee meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, night.

These straw polls are important because they show the potential for agreement between the groups in these two station areas among all five station areas. The WBAI Bylaws Subcommittee has had positive straw polls on some of these issues as well.

Larry Romsted


Summary of Houston LAB/Governance Cmte combined meeting

11 or 12 Houston LAB members + ? members of the bylaws subcmte present. Although those present may not accurately reflect the voting on the final Bylaws, it is probable that, on the issues where there is consensus, or nearly so, the issue will carry at the whole lab.

1. Empowered LAB: LAB chooses station manager w/E.D.; both must agree on GM; LAB reports on station mgt forwarded to PNB (passed 10-1); LAB has budget oversight (passed 12-0)

2. Programming committee: preview and review of all programs, but no veto power over the schedule. (no vote count reported)

3. Staff on LAB: no more than 3 seats be reserved for staff/programmers and that they be elected by that group. Staff seats would not vote concerning the station manager. (this had been previously passed in Houston)

4. No sale of assets over a negotiable limit without listener ratification; no interference with station functioning. (no vote count reported)

5. Bylaws convention with input from the listeners. (passed 13-2)

6. Diversity issue: no quotas-must do outreach to get diverse candidates to run; however quotas also have support; Deb Shafto says this one promises to be a tough fight, but doesn't think it will be a deal breaker whichever way it goes. (no vote count reported)


KPFK LAB on Unity Points.

10 LAB members present +GM (non-voting). The KPFK unity points did not include the "Staff on SB" issue because there was no unity on that issue.

1. Power to SB's: hiring/firing of GM; create station budget; implement the Program Cmte and its recommendations. To rescind any of these powers should require an exceptionally high bar in a PNB vote. (passed 10-0)

2. Program Committees of the SB: comprised of at least one-half non-SB listener/members; meaningful input in station programming policy; preview programming changes and review existing programming vis-a-vis station policy and the mission on a quarterly basis; enforcement of its determinations in the event of non-compliance. (passed 9-0)

3. Diversity Requirements: minimum 50% membership from people who are ethnic and/or racial minorities and 50% women. (passed 9-0-1)

4. Network Bylaws Convention: within one year of the election of the new PNB, including significant listener and SB representation, to review and revise any; bylaws that are approved in the current bylaws process. (passed 10-0)

5. Disposal of Major Assets: enjoin the PNB from engaging in a substantial transference of assets without the approval of 4/5 of the SB's; enjoin the SB's from similar transference at the local level without notice of intent and opportunity for listener/members to oppose or approve by referendum. (passed 10-0)

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