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KPFK Bylaws Revision Subcommittee: 2 resolutions

From: Bernie Eisenberg
Sent: Tuesday, September 03, 2002 1:04 PM
Subject: KPFK Bylaws Subcmte resolution re: bylaws proposals submissions, 9/1/02

The following resolution was passed by a vote of 24-0-1 on September 1, 2002 by the KPFK Bylaws Revision Subcommittee.

"In the interest of strengthening the democratic process, the KPFK Bylaws Revision Subcommittee (KBRS) notifies the iPNB that the following bylaws proposals which have been adopted without prejudice by the KBRS, are hereby formally submitted to the iPNB for inclusion in the matrix and to be included for active consideration in the bylaws ratification process.

The proposals are: Pacifica Accountability Committee (PAC) revised draft of 2002, KPFK Listeners Group (KLG) democratization 2001, Margalo Ashley-Farrand's draft 2002, Roger Dittman's constituency model 2000, Roger Manning's & Gregory Wonderwheel's provisions for public meetings 2002, Jonathan Markowitz's program council model, Mimi Rosenberg's constituency model 2001, Rafael Renteria's structural proposal from "A Voice of Our Own", Edward Taylor's provisions 2002, Evan Davis's cooperative model, the provisions by Carl Gunther, Sherna Gluck, and any others that have been or may be submitted."


Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2002 01:01:58 -0700
From: Sara Zwern
Subject: Call for the iPNB to delay ratification of by-laws

For immediate distribution to all concerned Pacifica listeners:


Offered by the Planning Committee for the KPFK Listeners By-laws Convention

[Scheduled for Sat and Sun, September 7th and 8th - 9am - 5pm]
[Loyola Law School, Donovan Hall, 1441 W. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles]


We call upon all iPNB members, LABs, listener groups and others to demand that the full iPNB delay ratification of any by-laws proposal until the regular iPNB meeting scheduled for December, 2002.

Whereas the historical and recent draft by-laws proposals and provisions have been ignored, including, but not limited to: Pacifica Accountability Committee (1997); Peter Frank (1998); KLG (2001); Roger Dittman (2001); Manning (2002); Markowitz (2002); Rosenberg (2002);

Whereas all, but one PNB by-laws proposal (Margalo's being a modification of Spooner's), are from individual iPNB members and have not been developed, approved nor sanctioned by any of the five (5) local by-laws sub-committees;

Whereas no accurate local by-laws sub-committee (LBLSC) reports have been published by the designated iPNB local subcommittee chairs;

Whereas it remains unclear what proposals by groups or persons, other than iPNB members, will be given serious consideration by the iPNB in the by-law ratification process;

Whereas we believe that the current mandated LBLSCs are being circumvented and/or ignored.

Whereas the iPNB list-serv was created only recently and far too late for full listener input;

Whereas the number of by-laws proposals and comments is increasing along with on-going revisions of current iPNB members proposals, while the time in which to digest and assess is contracting;

Whereas the coverage of the by-laws process on-air has been inadequate and ineffective and has lacked opportunities for full listener and LAB education and participation thereby leaving the parties unprepared to decide which proposals have true merit;

Whereas LBLSCs have not been afforded the opportunity to approve or critique the drafts proposed by iPNB members before their submission to the full iPNB;

Whereas representation on the iPNB by-laws committee is heavily weighted toward WPFW, which has at least 5 representatives, while other listener areas are relegated to 2 or less representatives (KPFK has only one);

Thus, we believe that the lack of information and systematic input from listeners, LABs and by-laws committees impedes the implementation of greater democracy which we are attempting to foster.

Therefore, we call upon all iPNB members, LABs, listener groups and others to demand that the full iPNB delay ratification of any by-laws proposal until the regular iPNB meeting scheduled for December, 2002.

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