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Proposal for Special Bylaws Programming

16 June 2002

To the Directors of the iPNB:

The proposal below was endorsed by the Pacifica KPFK Bylaws Subcommittee on 16 Jun 02 by a vote of 25 for, 0 against, and 3 abstentions.

I request that this proposal be placed on the agenda for a public reading, discussion including public comments, followed by a vote. I ask the board secretary to forward this proposal to those directors who are not on the email address list or for whom I have an incorrect email address or to any director who I inadvertently omitted. Note that Director Robinson has two email addresses and Director Lee has none.

I want to address one question that will probably arise when this proposal is read. That question is: why exclude LAB members from the broadcasts?

The reason for this is that for the few programs that have been scheduled by individual programmers in those signal areas where any programming on bylaws was done at all, the producers selected LAB members, PNB members and other "notables" with close relationships to the aforementioned board members and directors. The intent of this proposed resolution is to air the opinions and ideas of freepacifica activists who continue to support the democratization of the Foundation by participating in the National Board's Bylaws subcommittees.

Thanks for you consideration,

Bernie Eisenberg [KPFK area]


Listener Proposal for a National Board Resolution for Special Bylaws Programming, June 2002

• Whereas the Settlement Agreement of December 2001 stipulated that new bylaws be written for the Pacifica Foundation, and

• Whereas the Settlement Agreement also stipulated that two elections be held, the first election for Local Boards 12 months from the date of the Agreement; and the second for a National Board in 15 months from the date of the Agreement, and

• Whereas the iPNB at its March 2002 meeting formed a national Bylaws Committee with Signal Area Subcommittees to work on the new bylaws, and

• Whereas the new bylaws must be in place well before the first signal area election, and

• Whereas there has been very little, if any, informational programming on the issues involved in writing new bylaws on any of the Pacifica stations, and

• Whereas it is crucial that the listeners be aware of and be educated to these issues, therefore

• Be It Resolved that Pacifica's Executive Director is instructed to advise the station managers and program directors to immediately schedule special bylaws programming on a regular weekly basis until the new bylaws are ratified. The special bylaws weekly program shall be at least two hour in length and each program shall be aired at least twice during the week at hours convenient to the majority of listeners, once during the daytime and repeated in the evening.

The bylaws program for a signal area shall consist of a responsible and knowledgeable local host and a panel of guests comprised of non-LAB listeners who are active in the bylaws subcommittee for that signal area.

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