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Pacifica bylaws revision procedure update

From: Carol Spooner
[interim Pacifica National Board bylaws revsion committee chair]
Date: Wed Aug 7, 2002 11:43 am
Subject: bylaws process for approval

More than one person has asked me "how" the iPNB is going to decide on the bylaws. My answer is "I don't know (yet)."

It has been suggested by a couple of people that we have a "Pacifica Now!-style" conference on the bylaws in Houston just prior to the iPNB meeting the end of September ... where a final version of the bylaws could be worked out.

Our current bylaws prohibit the board from adopting ANY bylaws that were NOT sent with notice of the meeting to ALL directors at least 7 days in advance of the meeting. So, my interpretation of that is that we can't get together in Houston & start re-writing the proposals up for consideration or consider new proposals.

I do believe we could adopt bylaws paragraph by paragraph, with alternative versions of various subdivisions having been previously sent to the board with notice of the meeting at least 7 days in advance. While I do think a public meeting in Houston on the bylaws is a good idea so that the people _who are there_ can discuss & understand the proposals before the board ... I don't think the board can or should consider any new proposals re the bylaws that are presented at the houston meeting, or the week before. That would be the _least_ democratic thing we could do, we need to give everyone across the country a full opportunity to review and comment on any proposed bylaws.

People have had since March to get their ideas out there for all to see. Anyone with a proposal should put it in writing at this point -- with specific language they want to see in the bylaws, not just concepts --- for review and comment all around the country.

I think it would be terribly bad form for the board to ... at the last minute in houston ... be "lobbied" into accepting some new proposal ... when what should be happening NOW is all proposals on the table so everyone can see them, think about them, talk about them ... & lobby about them.

So, my suggestion is that people look at the 2 drafts currently out there, and make suggestions as to alternative wording or paragraphs that could be inserted into one or both of the proposals ... particularly as to the manner of election of the local and national boards or committees of the boards. If you have **specific language** -- send it to me & I will make certain that all iPNB members get a copy.

And at some point more than 7 days prior to the board meeting the various suggestions will be culled and put into some sort of presentation package for the board that makes sense.


--Carol Spooner

Also the Pacifica webmaster has said that he will get the bylaws bulletin board up and running very soon (there were some "bugs") at www.pacifica.org. Anything posted there will be forwarded to the full board. It would be most useful if people used that forum for specific ideas & suggestions & criticisms.

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