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New Pacifica National Bylaws online discussion group

From: Carol Spooner
Date: Thu Aug 8, 2002 6:41 pm
Subject: Pacifica National Bylaws Discussion Group

PLEASE FORWARD (And please forgive if you are on more than one distribution list)

New Pacifica National Bylaws Discussion Group to subscribe send email to PacificaNationalBylaws-subscribe@yahoogroups.com You can read the discussion on the web at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PacificaNationalBylaws/ if you don't like email delivered to you.


This discussion group is for issues related to the bylaws proposals for the Pacifica Foundation. It is intended to promote discussion among interested people in all five Pacifica station areas (and beyond, of course). While there are local email discussion groups, the five station areas have not been exchanging ideas enough so far.

It is especially hoped that local advisory board members and iPNB members will participate, or at least read this list, to become more aware of the issues and the thinking of people around the country.

The bylaws ultimately must be approved by a 2/3rds vote of the iPNB, and those parts of the bylaws concerning the number and manner of election of directors and local board members must be approved by majority vote of a minimum of 3 of the 5 current local advisory boards.

Many people "hate" email lists, at least in part because some people tend to engage in personal attacks that they would almost never do in person ... no posts containing personal attacks on anyone will be posted. Also, off-topic messages will not be posted.

Because it's not fair for me to ask anyone else to take the heat for this, I will do the moderating.

Comments and suggestions concerning the proposed bylaws may also be posted on the bulletin board at www.pacifica.org. That bulletin board is not intended as a discussion or debating forum. The comments posted to the bulletin board will be forwarded to the iPNB members.

Thanks for your participation.
--Carol Spooner
Chair, Pacifica Bylaws Revisions Committee

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