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Plan for listener representation

Madeson Plan for listener representation

Now that the national Constitution is under such serious attack it seems to be a distraction to spend so much time on the bylaws of a radio station, especially since it seems to involve reinventing the political wheel. (This is based on attending several of the bylaws meetings.) Until the dual crises of imminent war and trashing of the Bill of Rights pass, why not make the bylaws "provisional"? They could be renewed at the start of each calendar year. In any case they would remain remain consistent with the founding principles, so there would be no decisive change..

The simple solution for listener representation is to have one rep per Congressional District in the 60-80 mile broadcast radius, Listeners can cast their vote/suggestion by sending their annual renewal check, payable to WBAI, to that radiorep. The alternative (somewhat along the "constituency model") would be to send it directly to a program or station manager. The representative would forward the check when the station gave a fair hearing to the listener concerns. If not, they would return the check to the listener within a reasonable time (30 days?).

Since each district is the same size, it would would give an equal way to measure participation. It also offers a way to facilitate political organizing. This method would require cooperation from the staff in somehow making known the representatives. Their initial selection could be based on a random chpice in each district based on residency and formal application. After a year, a democratic election based on voting by "check-forwarding" could be started, if necessary (there may not be a stampede to volunteer for the job), The mailing zip codes - by district - are available at local libraries to begin the process of political awareness.

For feedback, my E-mail is valor@yahoo.com and see my newsletter at website www.valorww2.com. The site lists others of related interest including instructions on getting free copies of General Smedley's book War is a Racket.

Stay well,

Victor M [Madeson]

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