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WBAI LAB proposes "In-reach" for elections

From: Andrew Norris
Date: Tue Jan 14, 2003 12:21 pm
Subject: Bylaw on Pre-election "In-reach" (Outreach)

The following is sent on behalf of the WBAI Local Advisory Board. The language is based on a Motion passed at the LAB meeting 1/7/03.

Andy Norris
WBAI LAB Secretary



1. As a means of facilitating broad, inclusive member-participation in Governance (i.e., local and national board representation), the iPNB will authorize and help expedite the employment of full-time in-reach (outreach) coordinators at each station.

2. Each coordinator will work with the LAB, listener activists, community-based activists and station management & staff to increase listener involvement in Pacifica's local and national elections processes.

3. Pre-elections in-reach will focus on expanding listenership and the involvement of communities and groups in Society, particularly those which have historically been: (a) oppressed and structurally discriminated against; (b) exploited and/or (c) marginalized. These broad communities and groups are included in the in-reach: African Ancestry, Asian & Pacific Islander, Latino, Native/Indigenous, Arab & Moslem, Immigrant, Rank-and-file labor & Unemployed Worker, Youth, Women, Disabled, Prisoners, LGBTand Cultural Workers (Artist/Arts Community).

4. In conducting in-reach, each coordinator will also work to involve listeners from the signal area's distinct, relatively large 'natural' geographic sectors. Initially, these sectors will be determined by each LAB. The station boards will make the determination in subsequent elections.

5. In order to meaningfully engage in this critically needed work, the pre-election in-reach campaign will last for at least three (3) months preceding candidate nominations.

6. The general plan in each signal area will include a coordinated series of in-station and community-based forums, meetings, cultural events and teach-ins within and among the various communities, groups and sectors referenced in paragraphs 3 and 4 above. Many of these events would be broadcast.

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