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Presented at the iPNB meeting in L.A. March 7 - 9, 2003

Please forward to all interested ....

ACTION NOTES FROM IPNB MEETING, MARCH 7-8, 2003 (These are notes, not minutes -- and have not been reviewed for corrections by iPNB members.)

FINANCES: The iPNB passed the following resolutions:

To adopt the adjusted FYE 9/30/03 budget, with footnotes to be added showing outstanding prior years' debt carried over (approx $1.1 million in disputed professional services debts, and approx $180,000-230,000 in operating debt) and with capital expenses to be shown on front page.
Passed Unanimously.

That the FYE 9/30/03 budget and year-to-date unaudited income and expense statements be posted on the Pacifica webpage, and that each station's budget and year-to-date unaudited income and expense statements be posted to each station's webpage. CFO to report back the board that budgets and income & expense statements have been posted.
Passed 10/1
Yes - Allen, Barnstone, Barry, Bryant, Cagan, Fertig, Robinson, Smith, Spooner, Zakiya
No - Ferguson

That a preliminary budget for FYE 9/30/04 be sent to the board for review and discussion 10 days before the June iPNB meeting. Passed unanimously

The iPNB took the following actions:

Diversity -- A committee was formed, headed by Marion Barry, to come up with recommended bylaws language concerning diversity (and possibly an accompanying policy for adoption by the board, as well). The committee includes iPNB members from each station area, the Chairs of the 5 LABs, plus one (1) other LAB member from each LAB to be chosen by the LAB. The MALDEF attorney who met with the iPNB this weekend will be asked to assist the committee. The Committee must complete its work and report back to the board within 3 weeks (by March 30th). Marion will convene the first committee conference call on Wednesday, March 12th.
Agreed without objection
(Note: The board secretary requests that all committee members notify her of their email addresses and phone numbers ASAP. The board secretary, Carol Spooner, can be reached at 707/526-2867 or by email at wildrose@pon.net)

[NOTE: It has been pointed out that the iPNB (at least in what Chair Cagan said on the recording supplied to me) could be interpeted as not specifying that the people chosen by each LAB to be on this diversity bylaw committee need be actual LAB members
- Ed. 4-1-03]

New schedule for adoption of bylaws:
Revised bylaws draft (including diversity language recommended by the committee) to be sent to all IPNB Members by April 2nd. IPNB to meet by telephone conference call April 9th to vote on the bylaws. LABs to meet and vote on those portions of bylaws concerning number & manner of election of local and national boards within 1 week after iPNB vote (by April 16th).

**NOTE: Executive Director to immediately appoint the National Elections Supervisor (week of March 10th, if possible) ... so that s/he can appoint Local Elections Supervisors right away, preliminary elections work can begin & nominations for delegates (local station board members) can commence ASAP, without delay waiting for final approval of bylaws.

Tentative elections schedule:
Nominations for local board members to open ASAP & close June 1st, ballots to be mailed June 15th, ballots to be returned July 15th, ballots to be counted by August 1st, new local station boards to be seated by August 15th, new national board to be elected by September 15th, new national board to be seated at national board meeting before the end of September. This tentative schedule will be approved or modified at iPNB conference call meeting on April 9th, and is contingent upon how quickly the elections supervisors have been able to get the nominations process in motion.

The elections are to be held under the direction of the Executive Director & the Elections Supervisor(s) are appointed by and report to the ED. Rob Robinson and Janice K. Bryant will serve as the iPNB committee monitoring progress or any problems with the elections.

The following changes were made to the Draft bylaws:
[ bylaws draft ]

Article Three, Section 1.A, Listener Sponsor Members -- clarify language to limit the number of listener-sponsor memberships permitted by joint contributors to two members for gift of $50 or more.

Agreed without objection

Article Three, Section 11, Proxies -- stricken from the draft, proxy votes by members will not be permitted

Agreed without objection

Article Four, Section 6, Fair Campaign Provisions -- and "(s)" wherever "candidate" appears, so that it is clear that we mean the plural as well as the singular.

Agreed without objection

Article Five, Section 8.B, Associate Stations -- insert "at least 30 days" ... the LSB must notify associate station at least 30 days in advance of problems with Associate Station Rep, prior to any action to remove the associate station rep.

Agreed without objection

Article Five, Section 9, Removal of Delegates -- change the vote required by national board to remove a delegate from 2/3 to 3/4 of all national board members.
Passed 11/0/2
11 Yes - Allen, Barnstone, Barry, Bryant, Cagan, Ferguson, Fertig, Gregory, Laforest, Smith, Spooner,
0 No
1 Abstention - Zakiya, 1 Absent from the room for the vote - Robinson

Article Six, Section 1.C., Number -- Change number from minimum of 20 and maximum of 23 to minimum of 22 and maximum of 23, with two seats to be elected by the national board members from nominees submitted by Pacifica Affiliates. (This will require some changes to other sections regarding nominations and so forth.)
Passed 11/1/1
11 Yes - Allen, Barnstone, Barry, Bryant, Cagan, Ferguson, Fertig, Laforest, Robinson, Smith, Spooner
1 No - Zakiya
1 Absent for vote - Gregory

Article Six, Section 2, Terms (of Directors) -- Change directors' term from 3 years to 1 year, with a maximum of 5 consecutive terms. (This may require minor changes to other sections of the bylaws as well, e.g., regarding staggered elections.)
Passed 8/4/1
8 Yes - Barry, Bryant, Cagan, Fertig, Gregory, Laforest, Smith, Spooner
4 No - Barnstone, Ferguson, Robinson, Zakiya
1 Abstention - Allen

Article Seven, Section 9, Accessibility -- Strike the "reasonable efforts" phrase and change the first sentence to read: "All public meeting of the Board and all committees shall be held in spaces fully accessible as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act and any other applicable state and federal laws."
Passed 12/1
12 Yes - Allen, Barry, Barnstone, Bryant, Cagan, Ferguson, Fertig, Gregory, Laforest, Robinson, Smith, Spooner
1 No - Zakiya

Article Sixteen, Section 1.A(3), Amendment of Bylaws, Proposing Amendments -- change number of members required to propose bylaws amendments from 2% to 1%.
Passed 7/5/1
7 Yes - Allen, Barnstone, Cagan, Fertig, Gregory, Laforest, Spooner
5 No - Bryant, Barry, Ferguson, Smith, Zakiya
1 Abstention - Robinson

Article Four, Section 2.A. Eligibility -- A motion to permit local and state (but not federal) political candidates, elected or appointed political officials to serve as delegates and directors was defeated.
Failed 5/6/2
5 Yes - Barnstone, Barry, Ferguson, Gregory
6 No - Allen, Fertig, Laforest, Robinson, Spooner, Zakiya
2 Abstention - Bryant, Cagan

Respectfully submitted,
Carol Spooner

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