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Petition report

From: Fred Nguyen
Date: Thu Dec 5, 2002 2:17 am
Subject: Prisoners Demand Representation on WBAI Local Board, Other Communities

Dear iPNB Board members, Pacifica LAB members, Pacifica Community Radio Listeners

As of today, I have received petitions with a total of 612 signatures from members of oppressed or marginalized constituencies in the WBAI signal area. These signatures come from individuals who support the 3 major concepts behind the Constituency Model of Community Inclusion:

A. Representation of their community on the station board
B. Self determination
C. Opposition to financial discrimination in membership requirement

I have received a petition with 336 signatures coming from 2 prisons in the State of New York. The 2 facilities are Shawangunk and Otisville. A petition organizer attempted to introduce a petition at a 3rd facility but was denied by the prison administration. Each signature is accompanied by a prison ID number for identification.

The petitions from incarcerated individuals are in 3 group and appear to have been drafted locally:

1. A group with 182 signatures demands:

2. A group of 97 signatures with the statement:
<< PRISONER REPRESENTATION FOR THE LOCAL AREA BOARD (LAB): We the undersigned demand representation , and a voice in determining the programming on WBAI radio stations. Mr. Joseph Hayden, the producer of "On The Count" at WBAI radio sation, is our candidate. It is understood that Mr. Hayden, as our representative, will push for more programming on WBAI addressing the issues, and interests of prisoners, parolees, probationers, juvenile delinquents, and the families and communities from which they come. >>

3. A group of 57 signatures with the statement:
<< PETITION FOR REPRESENTATION ON THE LOCAL AREA BOARD (LAB): Dear Sirs/Ladies: With regards to the above review, the following named inmates at the Shawagunk Correctional Facility, by this petition do respectfully demand to be represented on the local area board by Mr. Joseph Hayden, Producer of "On The Count", at WBAI radio, 120 Wall Street - 10th Fl., New York, New York, 10005: >>

In addition, 276 signatures most with telephone number and/or email address:

A. 15 signatures were collected from a Brooklyn neighborhood (with 1/2 being artists and writers, the rest African American listeners
B. 21 signatures from African American and Latino areas in Brooklyn
C. 29 signatures from WBAI listeners and community activists in Rockland County (obtained in less than 24 hours)
D. 17 signatures from Korean community and labor activists
E. 17 signatures from Haitian community and labor activists
F. 16 signatures from African American activists
G. 124 signatures collected in low income African American and Latino neighborhoods
H. 37 Signatures collected from African American, Student, Latino, Asian groups involved in organizing and protests

A majority of signators indicated affiliations to organizations such as:
International Action Center
Local 1199/ Workers World Party
Lehman College
Community For Progressive Radio
Peoples Organization For Progress
Concerned Friends of WBAI-New Jersey
Students for Educational Rights
The Messenger (CCNY Student Newspaper)
Women in Islam
Initiative Haiti
Haitian Information Center
October 22nd Coalition
Batay Ouvriye Solidarity Network
1600 Prospect Place Block Association
THOL Church
Al-Awda (Palestine Right of Return)
St. Paul Baptist Church
Communications Director - CURE
Timbuctu Products
NY Peace and Justice Coalition - President
Brookly Peacemakers
WBAI Bylaws Committee
House of the Lord Church
Not In Our Name
Korea Truth Commission
Board of Ed of City of NY
HHC / HiJack Records
Yellow Cabs (driver)
Jade Place
Hair in Motion
United Federation of Teachers
Fifth Avenue Committee
Harlem Arts Alliance
St. James Place Block Association
No Spray Coalition
St Paul Baptist Church
Palestine Aid Society
Committee for the Release of Abdel Muhti
December 12 Movement
AME Church
NODUTDOL for Korean Community Building.

These petitions were obtained over a 2 week period. Many more thousands can be obtained from yet to reach communities such as Filipino, Bronx, Long Island, New jersey, Disabled, Labor, LGBT, Indigenous, Arab/Muslims etc...

Representatives of prisoners advocacy groups have indicated that they are willing to continue pressure until their right to representation on the local station board and a voice on the air is guaranteed to them.

The members of the Unity Caucus of WBAI radio offer these petitions as a testimony to the commitment of the peoples of New York and surrounding communities to the true principles of democratic inclusion that forms the culture of their radio station and greatly hopes that the deciding powers of the network will not adopt a structure which will alienate their desire for a community radio in the service of peace and justice for all regarding of race and class status.

Respectfully Submitted,

Fred Nguyen
WBAI Unity Caucus Coordinator


From: siddharta5 [Fred Nguyen]
Date: Thu Dec 5, 2002 7:04 pm

The KPFA model is an implementation of racism and an outrageous violence to the Pacifica mission. Because you are a wealthy suburbanite with some intellectual capacity I find it completely disingenuous of you that you should even ask whether a community radio should serve its population. Where in hell are the lofty principles you always speak of? There is a mental disconnect here reminiscent of why America is so racist and always go to war to kill people of color. I see you as a victim of this disease. Did the disease completely eat up your soul? You were the first one to jump up and congratulate when Susan Lee produced her phoney professional study on gender represention at Pacifica. You were all kissing up for something you well knew was a total bullshit study. Do you understand the meaning of double standard or are so far gone with your skin privilege?
God help us.

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